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Electrical Load Calculator

This simple calculator allows you to estimate the kWh usage of your electricity based on the appliances you plan to power.

This value will be used in other calculators on the site.

The consumption figures (Watts) associated with the below listed appliances are approximations; it is more precise to collect power draw information from the appliance or device itself, or to use a monitoring device such as the Kill-A-Watt Electricity Monitor.

In the “Quantity” column, replace “0” with the number of appliances (i.e: lights, TV’s) that you plan to power. In the “Runtime Hours” column, an estimated runtime per day is already populated. Feel free to change the Runtime to more accurately reflect your hours of appliance usage per day or per outage period. Energy consumption and battery requirement results automatically appear in the purple fields.

Enter your information into the green fields below.

The total kilowatts required for your system will appear in the purple field.

(The calculator may take a moment to load and to update upon entering or changing values in any given field.)