Mobile Businesses

Fresh Coffee Brewing with SimpliPhi Installation in Santa Fe’s Town Square

Solar powered coffee! Most days this cart can be found in Santa Fe's Town Square delivering fresh cups of artisan coffee to a very discerning crowd. Simpliphi Power's batteries provide backup electricity for when the sun decides to hide itself. SimpliPhi Power, and coffee, can power you through most any day... and beyond.
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Power as Mobile as You Are.

Mobile businesses are booming, with coffee vans, food trucks, dog groomers, music DJs, mobile mechanics and auto detailers, nail salons, clothing and accessory stores on wheels and more.

Historically, mobile business operators have relied upon generators or plugging into a customer’s electrical outlet to power their equipment. SimpliPhi energy storage offers a full range of safer, more economical, less toxic and quieter solutions that eliminate reliance on generators.

Mobile Businesses FAQs:

Diesel fuel is expensive, and generators are loud and produce both air and noise pollution. SimpliPhi storage can be charged with any energy source - solar, wind, grid or a generator - and can provide hours of silent, safe, non-toxic electricity. SimpliPhi can either replace or optimize your diesel generator.

SimpliPhi’s lithium ion chemistry is environmentally benign, non-toxic and safe. PHI batteries are perfect for mobile business owners who need a power solution that does not pose a danger of food contamination, fire or other toxic risks to their vehicle or patrons.
SimpliPhi batteries have a very small footprint and, because they do not require ventilation or ancillary cooling or thermal monitoring equipment, they can be installed in very tight spaces.

SimpliPhi batteries are both efficient and small relative to both the energy storage and power output available to meet your electrical loads. As an example, one PHI 2.7 or 3.5 kWh battery can replace anywhere from 4 to 6 standard lead acid batteries.

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