Rural Electrification

SimpliPhi Eliminates the Challenges of Building Microgrids in Remote Tropical Locations

ethnos360 (New Tribes Mission) was founded in 1942 to provide missionary services around the world. Much of their work is completed in remote parts of the world with no access to power. Offgrid Tech is a ministry of ethnos360 that provides technical help with the physical requirements of working overseas in remote locations for long periods of time. Offgrid Tech designs the power, water and other systems that will meet missionaries’ basic needs while living in remote locations. In the...
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24/7 Off-Grid Solar Empowers Chilean Town Residents to Start Businesses

SIMPLIPHI POWER partnered with STC Sunbelt SpA and ENEL Green Power to introduce an efficient, distributed renewable energy solution to provide residents in the remote Chilean town of Toconce with 24/7 access to clean energy. Extending transmission lines to the homes of families in this mountainous community has always been cost prohibitive because of the vast expanse and isolated terrain of the region. Instead the utility, ENEL Green Power, had the vision to bring access to power for the...
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SimpliPhi Helps Bring Opportunities to Falco’s Children Village in Tanzania

Combination of solar panels and 6 SimpliPhi Power PHI 3.4 batteries allows Falco’s Children Village to have access to 20.4kWh of electricity 24/7.
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It’s Time… and It’s Life Changing for Students of Pacific Island Schools

SimpliPhi Power & DPA Solar bring reliable, renewable power generation & storage to children & schools in remote locations with It’s Time Foundation in Fiji.
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Off Grid Kisokwe Primary School of Tanzania

PROJECT: Solar Hybrid Power for Rural School Electrification LOCATION: Tanzania, Africa CLIENT: Kisokwe Primary School Kisokwe village is located in Mazae Ward, Mpwapwa District, Dodoma Region, Tanzania. Dodoma Region is centrally positioned in Tanzania mainland. Kisokwe Primary School, which educates about 800 pupils, is the public primary school in Kisokwe village and faces major challenges in its facilities and infrastructure. Among the challenges are a lack of electricity in the school and teacher/staff quarters, and no integration of computers and technology in...
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Supplying Power to the Grid Edge and Beyond

More than a billion people still live without access to electricity worldwide. SimpliPhi’s energy storage solutions make supplying safe, non-toxic power to rural and remote areas both attainable and affordable around the world.

Rural Electrification FAQs:

Our community uses diesel generators for power. Can PHI batteries replace our generators?
SimpliPhi storage solutions can replace or supplement diesel generators, saving money on fuel and protecting families from dangerous fumes. As a supplement, PHI batteries work seamlessly with every source of power generation, including diesel and natural gas generators, using solar and or wind to offset fuel reserves.
Our community can only be reached by boat. How would we transport PHI batteries?

Unlike lead acid batteries that are heavy and require large banks to store power, SimpliPhi batteries are significantly lighter and ⅓ the footprint. Our batteries have been successfully transported to some of the most remote regions in the world.