SimpliPhi Releases RFP for IDEA: 1% to Deliver Energy Access

The IDEA: A Simple Promise. Donate 1% of Annual Revenue Every Year to High Impact Projects That Deliver Energy Access.
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SimpliPhi Power Giving Back! People. Planet. Profits.

SimpliPhi Power believes access to clean and affordable energy is fundamental to economic growth, social equity and environmental sustainability.
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Energy Storage at Brooklyn Library Demonstrates Safe Preparedness

From left to right: Michelle Chung, Angelica Ramdhari, Carly Heissenbuttel, Chris McNamara With vision and funding from New York State Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR), the Brooklyn Public Library Coney Island Branch recently completed a milestone solar + storage project that demonstrates what is possible for urban, densely populated areas at risk in the face of power outages and natural disasters. The system consists of 21kW of roof mounted solar PV + 19 kWh SimpliPhi BOSS.6 energy storage system...
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Featured IQ Installer: Andy Malone of Bright Future Solar Energy, Inc.

A company owned and operated by a group of local, skilled engineers who call the central coast their home.
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International Day for the Eradication of Poverty – UN SDG #1

The United Nations has 17 Sustainable Development Goals, known as the UN SDGs. The first UN SDG #1, is to “End poverty in all its forms everywhere.
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Ludlow-Taylor: A Brighter Future for a DC Community

SimpliPhi Power partners with Heila Technologies helping DC elementary school better use their excess solar generation with smart energy storage system.
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Featured IQ Installer: Kuno Kuenzle of Green Lizard

The experienced electrician, carpenter, & mechanical maintenance crew member emphasizes customer education & planning ahead for the best installations.
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Empowering Akashinga: The Brave Ones with Solar+Storage

For World Ranger Day 2021, we are celebrating the inspiring Akashinga Rangers of Zimbabwe who are on the frontlines of wildlife and habitat conservation.
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Featured IQ Installer: Ron Holland of Solar Technology Alabama

The electrical engineer discusses working for a utility company, why he feels called to work in clean energy, common installation requirements, and more.
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AY Musik Chooses SimpliPhi to Energize Battery Tour

AY chose our reliable PHI batteries to energize the Battery Tour because of the shared commitment to impact positive change and cobalt free chemistry.
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