Little Genny Power Kit Saves Family Time, Money, and Stress

Charles from Banner Mountain in Nevada City, CA shares his experience using a SimpliPhi / Briggs & Stratton Little Genny Power Kit to optimize his generator when the power goes out: “We used to only lose power when it snowed. We’d put a cooler outside, fill it with snow and empty the fridge into it. I’d light a fire in the fireplace, and we could last days like this, no problem. Now our power goes out at the utility’s discretion,...
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SimpliPhi Power & Briggs & Stratton Hit the Road to Bring Industry-Leading Trainings to Installers Around the US

An Interview with Daniel Moyer, Sales Support Trainer Question: What is the idea behind hitting the road with a demonstration trailer to offer in-person training for Installers? Response: We have been calling it the “SimpliPhi & Briggs ESS Roadshow”. It consists of a small group of Energy Solutions specialists that travel around the country to train installers on the fundamentals of how battery storage can be integrated with generators to optimize and reduce fuel consumption to create savings, efficiencies and critical...
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Catherine Von Burg Reflects on her Experience at NFPA Boston 2022

My presentation centered on our UL 9540A Fire Safety Test results and a core message SimpliPhi Power has been making since founding in 2010 – that chemistry matters when it comes to creating a safe lithium-ion energy storage solution.
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Reduce Generator Operating Time with SimpliPhi Energy Storage

GenSpring states the SimpliPhi system is the energy storage solution for Georgia residents who want to eliminate dangerous power outages.
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What it Means to be a Responsible and Equitable Company

We are seeing a shift where businesses choose to actively incorporate the interests of employees, customers, communities, partners, and society as a whole.
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SimpliPhi Power Releases 2021 Annual Sustainability Report

Report Reiterates Commitment to UN Global Compact’s Call to Address Human Rights, Discrimination, Environment and Anti-Corruption
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SimpliPhi Releases RFP for IDEA: 1% to Deliver Energy Access

The IDEA: A Simple Promise. Donate 1% of Annual Revenue Every Year to High Impact Projects That Deliver Energy Access.
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SimpliPhi Power Giving Back! People. Planet. Profits.

SimpliPhi Power believes access to clean and affordable energy is fundamental to economic growth, social equity and environmental sustainability.
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Energy Storage at Brooklyn Library Demonstrates Safe Preparedness

From left to right: Michelle Chung, Angelica Ramdhari, Carly Heissenbuttel, Chris McNamara With vision and funding from New York State Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR), the Brooklyn Public Library Coney Island Branch recently completed a milestone solar + storage project that demonstrates what is possible for urban, densely populated areas at risk in the face of power outages and natural disasters. The system consists of 21kW of roof mounted solar PV + 19 kWh SimpliPhi BOSS.6 energy storage system...
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Featured IQ Installer: Andy Malone of Bright Future Solar Energy, Inc.

A company owned and operated by a group of local, skilled engineers who call the central coast their home.
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