Tiny Home

Tiny Home Owners Upgrade with Modular SimpliPhi Batteries

Ty Tabata lives off-grid in a 30’ x 8.5’ tiny house on wheels built in just seven days during Incredible Tiny Homes’ second “Build Your Own Home Workshop.” Though the water heater and cooking range are run on propane, the tiny home’s 10v 9,000 btu ductless mini split AC, apartment-sized refrigerator, 3 LED TV’s, wireless router, small microwave, bathroom exhaust fan in bathroom and living space ceiling fan are powered by solar+energy storage. When the tiny home was first constructed, storage...
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A High Quality Energy Solution in a Small Package

Tiny home owner and advocate Vina Lustado of Sol Haus Design relies on SimpliPhi batteries to power her combined home and office in Ojai, CA. The off-grid solar+SimpliPhi storage system includes six PHI 2.6 kWh batteries providing 15.6 kWh of storage, and two Magnum Energy MS-4024PAE inverters. The system powers the home refrigerator, LED lights, a fan, laptop, air conditioning, blender and rice cooker and the office mini fridge, convection heater, desktop computer, LED lights, induction stove and plug in...
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Backup Power and Security – Airbnb and kitHAUS

SIMPLIPHI POWER provides reliable, clean and uninterrupted off-grid mobile energy storage and management for Airbnb and kitHAUS. State-of-the-art, eco- friendly pre-fab “pop-up” living quarters are energy independent and secure with the wall mounted power kit. Anytime. Anywhere. During a celebrity-themed promotion in Los Angeles, California, design-savvy stars, including Moby, James Franco, Anjelica Houston and Molly Sims, were recruited to curate a series of Airbnb pop-up listings. The SimpliPhi PowerKit stores more than 5.2 kilowatts of renewable energy to provide backup...
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Big Power in Tiny Spaces

As the tiny home movement gains momentum with more and more people choosing to downsize due to environmental concerns, financial factors or the desire for more freedom, the need for safe and reliable storage in a small form factor has never been greater. SimpliPhi delivers ideal, compact energy storage solutions for tiny home owners.

Tiny Home FAQs:

SimpliPhi batteries have a very small footprint, and because they do not require ventilation or ancillary cooling or thermal monitoring equipment, they can be installed in very tight spaces. In addition, because the batteries can operate safely in temperatures from -4° to 140°F, SimpliPhi batteries can be installed indoors or outdoors, depending on the ideal location in or on your tiny home.

There is no safer energy storage alternative for tiny homes than SimpliPhi. SimpliPhi’s cobalt-free lithium ferrous phosphate (LFP) lithium ion chemistry is environmentally benign, non-toxic and does not pose a danger of fire from thermal runaway. SimpliPhi batteries do not pose a risk to your home or your family.

Your SimpliPhi energy storage system should be sized to meet your unique energy loads. A load analysis will calculate how much electricity is consumed by all of the appliances and electronic devices in your home. With that information, our applications engineers will work with you and your licensed installer to choose the right number and the ideal model of PHI batteries to provide you with reliable, secure power. If your energy needs increase over time, SimpliPhi’s modular designs will allow you to easily and seamlessly scale up your battery bank.

SimpliPhi's off-grid systems are typically seamlessly integrated with a backup generator for use during extended cloudy periods or other times when sufficient PV generation is not available. Our solutions are designed to optimize any source of power generation, including diesel and natural gas generators.

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