Florida Residents Avoid Outages & Save Money w/SimpliPhi

Stephen, a native Floridian, retrofitted his solar array to incorporate SimpliPhi energy storage for reliable backup power and to reduce his daily electric bills.
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Floridians Prepare for Hurricanes with Reliable Backup Power

James, a longtime Floridian, had 42 kWh of grid-tied, 10 year warrantied SimpliPhi energy storage installed to avoid power outages this hurricane season.
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Puerto Ricans Opt for Reliable, Fuel-Free Solar+Storage

While initially installed for resiliency post-Hurricane Maria, Erick opted to use his solar + SimpliPhi storage system 24/7 to eliminate his electric bill.
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Southern Californians Weather Outages with SimpliPhi

Having relied on SimpliPhi PHI batteries during numerous outages in San Diego over the past three years, Susan’s not worried at all about the additional PSPSs.
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Northern Californians Opt for Reliable Backup Power for Wildfire Season

With the 2017-2018 California wildfires still fresh in his mind, Brandon Rankin chose SimpliPhi batteries for a seamless & reliable backup power solution.
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Californians Prepare for Wildfires with Solar+Storage

Terry and Jim, a Los Angeles County couple, installed solar with SimpliPhi energy storage to keep the lights on during wildfire-related power outages.
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Landmark Affordable Housing Energy Resiliency Project

SimpliPhi helps power up landmark ‘justice housing meets environmental justice’ project in Washington, DC.
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Community Microgrid in Peru Improves Health, Education & Incomes

An estimated 22 million people in Latin America do not have access to electricity, including ~2 million in Peru alone. Amongst rural Peruvian households without electricity, 80% use kerosene lamps for lighting. Household kerosene use is tied to impaired lung function, asthma, cancer, and increased susceptibility to infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, according to the National Institutes of Health. Beyond detrimental health impacts, lack of electricity is also linked to lower incomes and education. Families in the remote mountain community...
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SimpliPhi Empowers Virginia Tech to Win First Place in Middle East Solar Home Building Competition

In order to accelerate more efficient, sustainable home design & building, the U.S. Department of Energy created the Solar Decathlon Middle East (SDME) in 2018 in conjunction with the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, and the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA). SDME is an annual international competition in which universities from all over the world meet to design, build and operate grid-connected, solar+storage powered houses. In 2019, SDME took place in Dubai. Beyond the challenge of building a home...
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Easy, Drop-in Lead Acid Replacement in Canada

Longtime off-grid homeowners in the Yukon upgrade to efficient, long-lasting PHI batteries from high maintenance, heavy, lower capacity lead acid batteries.
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Whether you are seeking relief from high utility bills, desire battery backup power to protect your home when grid power is unavailable, or do not have access to the grid and need electricity, SimpliPhi has a full range of on- and off-grid, non-toxic and reliable energy storage solutions to power your home. When the well-being of your home and family are at stake, you shouldn’t have to choose between their safety and energy security and savings. SimpliPhi’s entire line of batteries uses a risk-free and environmentally benign lithium ion chemistry called LFP that does not pose any risk of fire or toxic fumes. Quite simply, SimpliPhi batteries are batteries that you can live with.

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