SimpliPhi & Footprint Deploy Mobile Microgrid for Covid-19 Clinic

Project Overview Location: Matamoros, MX Application: Pop-up Intensive Care Unit to treat COVID-19 Patients System Rating: 2.5 kW Solar PV Array with 10 kWh of Energy Storage using PHI 3.8 kWh Batteries Partners: Footprint Project and Global Response Management Inc. Background Just south of the U.S. border below Texas lies Matamoros, Mexico. Home to over 500,000 Mexican citizens, Matamoros additionally hosts a migrant camp of 3,000 refugees, most of whom are from Central America and Cuba, are seeking asylum in America. Living in close quarters...
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SimpliPhi and EM-ONE Deliver Reliable and Affordable Electricity to Nigeria

Access to electricity plays an essential role in promoting economic development and improving the daily lives of individuals and their well-being. In sub-Saharan Africa, nearly 600 million lack access to energy and millions more rely on costly and environmentally hazardous oil and gas for electricity. To bring modern and clean energy services to Africa, microgrids are gaining traction as a viable solution because of the rapidly declining costs for wind, solar, and batteries, coupled with their ability to be...
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Community Microgrid in Peru Improves Health, Education & Incomes

An estimated 22 million people in Latin America do not have access to electricity, including ~2 million in Peru alone. Amongst rural Peruvian households without electricity, 80% use kerosene lamps for lighting. Household kerosene use is tied to impaired lung function, asthma, cancer, and increased susceptibility to infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, according to the National Institutes of Health. Beyond detrimental health impacts, lack of electricity is also linked to lower incomes and education. Families in the remote mountain community...
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SimpliPhi Powers 8 Puerto Rican Hospitals

After Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico and caused the second largest blackout in world history, hospitals across the island faced the stark reality that they were unprepared to power their critical equipment for extended periods of time during a prolonged power outage. Most turned to their only backup option: costly, loud, polluting generators that required constant refueling, which often involved waiting in long lines for gas or diesel fuel. In addition, the generators were unable supply enough energy to...
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Newfound Hope for Disaster-Stricken Village

When Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico in September 2017, the village of San Salvador, located in Caguas, was devastated. Hurricane Maria, ranked by NOAA as the costliest tropical cyclone to ever hit Puerto Rico, left San Salvador residents without power for 7 months due to severe damage to the centralized electrical grid. Everyday life in San Salvador came to a sudden halt, from simple daily chores like laundry to critical necessities like refrigerating medicine and communicating with loved ones. Seeking...
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SimpliPhi Eliminates the Challenges of Building Microgrids in Remote Tropical Locations

For many global missionary organizations, much of their work is completed in parts of the world with no access to electricity. Missionaries find themselves working overseas in remote locations for long periods of time and in need of creative solutions for power, water and other systems that will meet their basic needs while they are in the field. In the East Sepik Region of Papua New Guinea, one missionary group installed a solar+SimpliPhi storage microgrid to power a 1250 sq...
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Sesame Solar, SimpliPhi And OutBack Deliver Lifesaving, Solar-Powered Nanogrid To Princess Margaret Hospital In Dominica

Sesame Solar, SimpliPhi & OutBack Deliver Solar-Powered Nanogrid to Dominica to restore power after Hurricane Maria.
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Rural Electrification

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The single most important factor in bringing people up and out of poverty is access to energy. Former U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon stated that renewable energy is the golden thread that connects economic growth, social equity and environmental sustainability. SimpliPhi is committed to achieving renewable electrification globally so that no person is left without access to power.

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