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Catherine Von Burg CEO and Founder:

“At the core of our company’s business strategy is the founding principle of an integrated bottom line, where success is viewed and measured through three important metrics: people, planet and profit. These principles guide all of SimpliPhi’s strategic business decisions, from board governance to equitable wages and stock ownership for our employees, to the types of partnerships we develop with other stakeholders in the industry. The focus is always on high impact projects that have a strong social, economic and environmental bottom line. As of 2021, SimpliPhi has deployed energy storage systems in over 40 countries, optimizing a diverse portfolio of energy generation assets across a broad range of applications and markets. From inception, our company set out to leverage energy storage to make an impact on six overriding imperatives that remain critical today:

  1. create resilience and security by providing customers access to power 24/7;
  2. solve the intermittency of renewables;
  3. increase renewable generation in urban and rural, as well as developed and developing countries;
  4. reduce reliance on fossil fuel generation and thereby decrease greenhouse gas emissions that drive climate change;
  5. deliver power to the approximate 900 million people who are economically marginalized simply because they do not have access to power; and,
  6. create opportunities for sustainable economic development, innovation, and job growth globally.”

We are Committed to the Ten Principles
of the UN Global Compact

The SimpliPhi 2021 Sustainability Report highlights our commitment to the UN Global Compact and how we put the Ten Principles into action.