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Reliable Power for Veterans in Alaska

An Alaskan non-profit replaced their lead acid batteries with safe, no maintenance, 10-year warrantied PHI batteries for reliable 24/7 off grid power.
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SimpliPhi Powers an Off-Grid Ice Cream Factory in Fiji

Robert and Lucilla installed solar plus SimpliPhi energy storage to power their remote Fijian ice cream factory and offset diesel generator costs.
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Australian Gold Mine Reduces Costs w/SimpliPhi Batteries

As global demand for minerals grows, the mining sector’s energy consumption is anticipated to increase 36% by 2035, according to a recent report by the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment (CCSI). Energy accounts for an estimated 15% of mining costs already, and can often rise to 40% in metal mines, according to the CCSI report. Additionally, where fossil fuels are employed, energy costs can be quite volatile and thereby unpredictable for mining companies. With these challenges in mind, Dacian Gold,...
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SimpliPhi Powers Dartmouth Even During the Coldest Winter Months

After Dartmouth College installed solar panels at a remote campus site built for research and instruction, its administrators grew tired of having to rely heavily on its noisy generator in the evening, particularly during the coldest winter months. On cloudy days, when less solar power was generated, and when research extended into the evening when solar power was no longer available, faculty and students had to continually revert to using their generator. They longed for a silent, maintenance free,...
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Historically Grid-Tied Vermont State Park Opts for More Cost Effective SimpliPhi + Solar Microgrid

Emerald Lake State Park is a 430-acre state park in East Dorset, Vermont. Historically grid-tied, the power lines running through the park’s woods required repair after each winter. To solve that problem, park authorities decided to make the shift to a reliable off-grid system. The microgrid was designed and installed by Grassroots Solar. It features 10.24 kW of SolarWorld modules, an OutBack 8000W 48V inverter and 24 PHI 3.4 48V batteries providing 81.6 kWh of storage. It powers cabins for...
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Power Security for Remote Communications at Fort Irwin

Fort Irwin National Training Center is a major United States military training area in the Mojave Desert. The facility has historically relied on lead acid batteries to provide backup power to mission critical wireless radio transmitters at nine sites. In 2018, Fort Irwin hired Northern Arizona Wind & Sun to design a more reliable off-grid power security solution for remote communications. The solar+SimpliPhi storage system includes 9 solar arrays comprised of 256W PV modules, four PHI 3.4 kWh batteries, a...
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Off Grid – Los Angeles Dept. of Water and Power

SIMPLIPHI POWER partners with ZeroBase to provide reliable, clean and uninterrupted off-grid energy storage and management for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. Five ecologically sensitive and environmentally regulated sites at the Owens Lake basin required discontinuing fossil fuel-based generators. The challenge was to find power storage that could withstand the hot ambient temperatures without the need for ventilation or cooling, risk of thermal runaway or chemical contaminants, acids and poisonous gasses. Zero emissions and risk No thermal runaway Non-hazardous Optimal temp...
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No Place Is Too Remote for SimpliPhi Power

SimpliPhi's energy storage solutions are ideally suited to provide power for remote test centers, data stations, scientific sites, oil rigs and mining operations. Our microgrid expertise helps companies and government agencies power the full range of remote off-grid facilities, safely and reliably. Plus, our plug-and-play containerized solutions make on-site deployments fast and easy.

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