SimpliPhi Truly is the Ultimate RV and Caravan Battery

SimpliPhi truly is the ultimate RV and caravan battery. Many customers find it hard to believe that such a small unit can be so powerful.
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All The Comforts and Power of Home

SimpliPhi offers a variety of stationary and mobile power solutions for RVs with the ability to replace or complement diesel generators and lead acid batteries or provide portable power.


Yes! SimpliPhi is the only lithium-ion battery manufacturer that offers a direct drop-in replacement option for lead acid batteries. Making the switch is simple -- and you’ll get more power from fewer batteries. The typical ratio is 1 to 4 savings in weight and size with more energy and power output.

The Little Genny and Big Genny portable generators let you take your power with you wherever you go, with a battery, inverter and solar panel in a self-contained easy-to-transport case. The Little Genny is smaller than a briefcase. The Big Genny is the size of a carry-on suitcase, and comes equipped with wheels and a telescoping handle. Whether you want to have camp-side music or lighting for nighttime festivities, a Genny provides all the power you need.

They provide silent, non-toxic, pollution-free power supplies that can be used anytime, anywhere with USB and AC outlets to power your phone, computer, small appliances, entertainment equipment and many other types of portable devices. SimpliPhi’s cobalt-free technology does not pose a risk of overheating or fire.

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