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Lead Acid Battery Bank Replacement Calculator

Use this tool to size a comparable PHI Battery Bank to a Lead Acid Battery Bank.

Enter your information into the green fields below.

The PHI Battery Bank result will appear in the purple field.

  • *Note: Using the Lead Acid battery's 2-hour Ah rating is the most accurate comparison with PHI batteries.
  • *Lead Acid battery manufacturers recommend maintaining 20-50% DOD
  • *The selected PHI battery's voltage rating must match the paired inverter's DC Input rating, due to PHI battery's being wired in parallel only, not in series.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Confirm that your prospective PHI Battery Bank is also compatible with and sized appropriately for all your current inverter and charge controller equipment. Read the relevant Integration Guide on SimpliPhi’s Product Documentation page or check the “I would like more information.” box below.

Download SimpliPhi Power’s
Lead Acid Replacement Guide.