Prefab Modular Home Maintained Power When Grid Went Down

Beverly and Pierre moved to Ojai, CA, to build an eco-friendly home in which to spend their retirement. Pierre is an environmentalist and engineer, and Beverly is an affordable housing advocate and former property development asset manager, so they were committed to creating a sustainable living space. The couple arrived in Ojai in August and lived in a camper while their custom, prefab modular home was built in a factory in only 25 days. Then, three trucks delivered the home...
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Pre-Powering Pre-Fab Homes

Demand for prefabricated homes is increasing -- both because the cost is far less than a traditional home of the same square footage, and because they allow communities to rebuild quickly in the aftermath of superstorms, wildfires and other disasters.

SimpliPhi works with leading prefabricated home manufacturers to build energy storage capacity into the homes in the factory before they are delivered.

PreFab/Modular FAQs:

Adding storage to prefab homes while they are on the assembly line is a sound business decision. A home pre-equipped with storage delivers meaningful value to potential buyers, including reliable backup power in the face of superstorms and wildfires, as well as a predictable, more affordable monthly utility bills for the life of the home.

The cost of a storage system installed after a prefabricated home has been deployed is greater than the cost of an integrated system. Plus, buying an integrated system allows home buyers to amortize all equipment costs over the life of the home, and know what to expect when it comes to utility bills each month. That said, SimpliPhi applications engineers can work with your prefabricated home manufacturer to design a system while it is on the production line as well as after it is delivered to your property.

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