AccESS Ensures Power Security for Puerto Rico Hotel

The Rincon Harmony Center is a beautiful two-story guest house on two acres of private, manicured grounds in Rincón, Puerto Rico -- a surfing town located on the island’s west coast. Like so many other business owners in Puerto Rico, hotel owners Steve and Grisselle, struggled to resume operations after Hurricane Maria struck on September 20, 2018. Power was not restored until January, and Steve and Grisselle were forced to refuel a 300-gallon gas propane tank/generator every two weeks to...
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Off-Grid Eco Resort – Taft Gardens

Main lodge runs off grid 24/7 with 42 kWs of sunlight. Clean power storage coupled with PV generation creates power security and resiliency. In 2013, 8 PHI2.6kWh batteries provided 20.8 kWh of stored power. In 2015 the battery bank was increased to 41.6 kWh. SIMPLIPHI POWER provides reliable, non-toxic and uninterrupted off-grid energy storage and management for the Taft Botanical Gardens at the Conservation Endowment Fund located in Ojai, California. Because of SimpliPhi’s modular and scalable power storage solution, the 20.8 kWh system...
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With SimpliPhi, Your Power Will Never Take a Vacation

First rate hospitality means you never have to be without power. SimpliPhi energy storage solutions transform hotel and resort operations around the world -- from major metropolitan areas to remote, off-grid paradise locations.

Resorts and Hotels FAQs:

A growing number of hotels and resort properties are generating some or all of their electricity on-site with solar PV or other renewable energy installations. SimpliPhi energy storage solutions enable hotels and resorts to take renewable energy one step further by storing excess energy for use at night or during prolonged inclement weather. SimpliPhi also eliminates the unpredictability and intermittency often associated with renewable energy supply. Plus, in grid-tied locations, pairing behind-the-meter energy storage with renewable generation can double energy savings.
With SimpliPhi energy storage, hotels can charge PHI batteries when the cost of energy least expensive and access that reserve to offset costs when electricity demand and rates spike, such as guests turning on their air conditioners on a hot day or when they return to their room in the evening. By limiting a hotel’s need to rely on grid power when it’s likely most expensive and reducing short-term usage spikes, SimpliPhi is able to help hotels reduce their exposure to significant peak demand charges, which can account for as much as 50 percent of their utility bill.
For resorts in remote vacation spots, SimpliPhi’s expertise in solar+storage microgrids ensures that your hospitality business will ample electricity 24x7 electricity to deliver a world class guest experience with little or no diesel generation. Because SimpliPhi’s batteries are non-toxic, they empower resort properties to sustainably reduce energy costs and mitigate any negative environmental impacts to areas surrounding lodging facilities.
When comparing lithium ion storage alternatives, the element to avoid is cobalt. SimpliPhi’s cobalt-free lithium ferrous phosphate (LFP) chemistry is environmentally benign, non-toxic and does not pose a danger of thermal runaway. Without the threat of fire danger or toxicity, SimpliPhi batteries are safe for hotel guests and your property.
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