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Conan O’Brien and His SimpliPhi Powered Glowing Moon

Conan O’Brien’s glowing moon graced his set for more than a decade. When set designers needed a needed a small, lightweight battery that was both safe and non-toxic and able to light the moon for many hours during filming, they turned to SimpliPhi. Behind that moon was hidden a PHI battery that was able to supply power to the moon for entire tapings without requiring a recharge. SimpliPhi was also the only battery that could power fluorescent lighting.
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SimpliPhi Batteries Hit the Road with the Oscillation Transia Film Festival to Promote Renewable Energy

SimpliPhi batteries travel the US with the Oscillation Transia Film Festival, powering equipment as an example for clean, reliable off-grid power.
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Capture Power So You Can Capture the Moment

SimpliPhi was founded in 2002 as LibertyPak, a company focused on providing off-grid power for movie and television productions. More than 15 years later, we continue to provide reliable, non-toxic power to the entertainment industry.

Our LibertyPaks and LibertyBelts have been widely used on movies and television shows, such as 30 Rock, Mad Men and more recently Inside Amy Schumer. James Cameron’s Cameron-Pace production company used LibertyPaks on both Avatar and Tron Legacy. In fact, the lights built into the Tron Legacy suits are powered by LibertyPak. Director of Photography Roger Deakins, famous for his cinematography in James Bond’s Skyfall, True Grit, No Country for Old Men, Jarhead and others, uses SimpliPhi batteries on all of his films.

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