Microgrid Powers 8 Hangar Bays at Kalaeloa Airport

Kalaeloa Airport on Oahu is used by the U.S. Coast Guard, Hawaii Community College Flight Program, Hawaii National Guard and the general aviation community. The airport has recently undergone a number of major improvements, including a new airfield lighting system, runway paving, and the addition of new emergency power systems, fire fighting and communication equipment. To supply power to the airport’s eight hangar bays for small private aircraft, the airport installed a three phase SimpliPhi + Solar microgrid. The 46.08...
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Topflight Power Security for the World’s Airports

With more than 1,000 cancelled flights and an estimated $50 million in losses by Delta alone, the December 2017 power outage at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport emphasized the need for airports to find more reliable ways to power their energy intensive operations.

Microgrids featuring SimpliPhi batteries provide airports with the means to produce, store and distribute power to a single terminal or an entire airport complex, either as its main source of power or as its auxiliary electricity supply in the event the grid goes down.

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