Power Security for Remote Communications at Fort Irwin

Fort Irwin National Training Center is a major United States military training area in the Mojave Desert. The facility has historically relied on lead acid batteries to provide backup power to mission critical wireless radio transmitters at nine sites. In 2018, Fort Irwin hired Northern Arizona Wind & Sun to design a more reliable off-grid power security solution for remote communications. The solar+SimpliPhi storage system includes 9 solar arrays comprised of 256W PV modules, four PHI 3.4 kWh batteries, a...
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Trailer-Mounted Power Systems For Combat Operations

As the U.S. military continues to engage in enduring and expeditionary conflicts in remote and austere regions of the world, there has been a concerted effort to solve the challenges associated with moving fuel and supplying reliable, secure power for today’s military power-intensive military equipment. Moving fuel to the front lines is incredibly costly -- in both financial terms and in lives. For example, by the end of 2010, the Defense Logistics Agency was moving 40 million gallons of...
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Bringing Energy to the Tactical Edge in Ghazni Province, Afghanistan

The U.S. Army’s “Energy to the Tactical Edge” effort (E2E) kicked off in 2011 to reduce troop reliance on fuel resupply operations by curtailing use of or entirely replacing conventional diesel generators. The Forge Provides Continuous Reliable Power And Eliminates The Need For Fossil Fuels. (Image courtesy of ZeroBase) This effort was inspired not only to contain costs, with the full burdened cost of fuel including air transport, parachute drops and more estimated at $400/gallon, but more importantly to save lives....
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Expeditionary – Marine Corps and U.S. Army

SIMPLIPHI POWER storage technology efficiently and safely stores energy generated from renewable and hybrid distributed power systems to create energy independence and security for the Marine Corps and U.S. Army in the most rugged and harsh regions in the world. SimpliPhi’s proprietary architecture, Battery Management System (BMS) and safe lithium ferrous phosphate (LFP) batteries offer 98% efficiency charge/discharge rates without heat build-up, risk of thermal runaway or cooling requirements. With 5,000+ cycles, the SimpliPhi batteries last longer and outperform all...
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When Failure is Not an Option

Beginning in 2010, SimpliPhi was engaged by the U.S. Department of Defense to provide mission-critical access to power on Forward Operating Bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. At stake was troop safety related to diesel offset and lead acid replacement. The result of that partnership today is a portfolio of robust energy storage and management systems that provide reliable off-grid, mobile and portable power.

Military FAQs:

Our first R&D challenge on behalf of the DoD was to create a seamless, better performing lithium ion battery to replace lead acid. Depleted through degradation during shipment due to extreme heat and corrosion, lead acid batteries were arriving at FOBs DOA -- and leaving FOBs stranded without reliable energy storage. Our non-toxic batteries were designed in the same form factor while increasing energy capacity, power output, reliability and system uptime. SimpliPhi also eliminated thermal mitigation and temperature constraints, thereby affording airtight storage containers that did not require ventilation, protecting energy generation from sandstorms and other environmental elements.

SimpliPhi batteries have the flexibility to power a wide range of mobile military power solutions. For example, we collaborated on the development of The Forge -- a silent, 3 to 7 kWh solar+storage kit that met the weight limit for two-man-carry. The kits could be daisy-chained together to increase capacity and power. On a larger scale, T-series trailers had room for 4 to 20 SimpliPhi batteries and could be pulled behind a humvee. With solar panels that could stack easily on the trailer roof and outlets for plug in generators, batteries could be charged completely in less than two hours.

SimpliPhi continues to develop custom solutions to meet the power requirements of various DoD departments.

Rigorously tested by extreme discharge and charge parameters utilized by the U.S. Army and Marine Corps, third party military test facilities such as the Aberdeen Proving Ground found SimpliPhi batteries performed above expectations in providing both mission critical peak-load power and long-duration energy without the risk of overheating or fire.
Yes. More than 100 SimpliPhi expeditionary systems were deployed to power a wide range of combat military operations and equipment in both Iraq and Afghanistan with a zero percent failure rate.

PHI batteries can replace or optimize diesel generators by integrating other power generation sources to offset diesel and extend diesel reserves. Expeditionary power featuring PHI batteries proved to reduce diesel consumption by 50 to 80 percent on FOBs, safeguarding troops from the dangers associated with protecting fuel convoys.

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