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Florida Residents Avoid Outages & Save Money w/SimpliPhi

Stephen, a native Floridian, retrofitted his solar array to incorporate SimpliPhi energy storage for reliable backup power and to reduce his daily electric bills.
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Floridians Prepare for Hurricanes with Reliable Backup Power

James, a longtime Floridian, had 42 kWh of grid-tied, 10 year warrantied SimpliPhi energy storage installed to avoid power outages this hurricane season.
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Puerto Ricans Opt for Reliable, Fuel-Free Solar+Storage

While initially installed for resiliency post-Hurricane Maria, Erick opted to use his solar + SimpliPhi storage system 24/7 to eliminate his electric bill.
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Southern Californians Weather Outages with SimpliPhi

Having relied on SimpliPhi PHI batteries during numerous outages in San Diego over the past three years, Susan’s not worried at all about the additional PSPSs.
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Northern Californians Opt for Reliable Backup Power for Wildfire Season

With the 2017-2018 California wildfires still fresh in his mind, Brandon Rankin chose SimpliPhi batteries for a seamless & reliable backup power solution.
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Californians Prepare for Wildfires with Solar+Storage

Terry and Jim, a Los Angeles County couple, installed solar with SimpliPhi energy storage to keep the lights on during wildfire-related power outages.
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Landmark Affordable Housing Energy Resiliency Project

SimpliPhi helps power up landmark ‘justice housing meets environmental justice’ project in Washington, DC.
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SimpliPhi Empowers Virginia Tech to Win First Place in Middle East Solar Home Building Competition

In order to accelerate more efficient, sustainable home design & building, the U.S. Department of Energy created the Solar Decathlon Middle East (SDME) in 2018 in conjunction with the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, and the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA). SDME is an annual international competition in which universities from all over the world meet to design, build and operate grid-connected, solar+storage powered houses. In 2019, SDME took place in Dubai. Beyond the challenge of building a home...
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Retiree Prepares for Outages While Saving Money Year-Round

More than five months after Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, the Oquendo home in rural Juncos, Puerto Rico remained without power. With a large extended family living in the household, including several seniors and young children, family members from outside of Puerto Rico wanted to make sure that their loved ones would never be without power again. They turned to Energy Solutions Puerto Rico, UMA Solar and SimpliPhi power to design a grid-tied solar+storage system to provide both net metering...
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Florida Homeowners Add Battery Backup to Prepare for the Next Storm

After installing their home solar system in 2015, Simon and Jody endured hurricane after hurricane, as their home is located in Miami, in Florida’s “Hurricane Alley.” Every time a hurricane hit, they once again found themselves without power. When Hurricane Irma hit, for example, Simon and Jody were among the 7.7 million Florida homes that lost power at some point. What many fail to realize is that utilities mandate that grid-tied solar installations be automatically shut down in the...
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Keep The Lights On When the Grid Goes Dark

With energy storage comes peace of mind and security during a blackout, as well as cost savings every other day of the year.

On Grid Home FAQs:

In many locations, utilities have:

  1. Reduced the rates they pay for solar power that is exported to the grid;
  2. Applied demand charges based on a home’s peak energy use during a given month; or
  3. Assigned time-of-use rates that adjust the cost of electricity throughout the day.

Homeowners who are on a time-of use-rate or an electric vehicle rate, can charge PHI batteries when energy is cheaper (for example at night) and discharge energy when energy is more expensive. By enabling homeowners to shift their use of grid electricity to less expensive times, SimpliPhi storage can significantly reduce utility bills.

With extreme weather events, wildfires and other threats to energy security becoming more frequent, SimpliPhi storage can provide peace of mind. With our modular and scalable design, SimpliPhi battery banks can be designed to power your entire home or just the appliances and communication devices you consider critical in the event of a power outage. When the grid is unavailable, you can still have all the power you need.

All over the world, generators are used as back up power for homes. But the truth is, during catastrophic events, propane or diesel is often in short supply and expensive. Combining PHI batteries with your generator can create fuel savings and extend your available reserves, as well as cut down on environmental and noise pollution. SimpliPhi's turn-key residential solutions such as the AccESS and PowerBank have a built-in automatic generator start (AGS) to optimize your generator's performance with grid and/or PHI battery power.

If your home PV system is connected to the grid, you will lose access to all your electrical generation during a power outage. Adding SimpliPhi storage to your solar array stores excess power for you to access during an emergency. Storing excess solar power can also provide a greater return on your renewable energy investment, particularly in regions where utilities have unfavorable rate structures, such as demand and time of use charges. PHI batteries also allow you to draw from your storage for power at night and during times of inclement weather. Combining solar plus storage allows you to generate and consume your own power on demand, rather than relying solely on the utility.

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