Stacked Savings Submission

Thanks you for our submission! A sales representative will be in touch with you shortly.
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Deployment Stories Submission Form

This form takes about 10 minutes to complete. Sharing project information and photos with SimpliPhi Power is a great way to highlight your successes and craftsmanship! We’ll help promote your company and project through our media channels and with our network of partners. By sharing this information with SimpliPhi Power, you are agreeing that we have the right to use this content in promotional materials, on our website (, and through communications channels like email newsletters and social media, with...
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Financing Resources

SimpliPhi partners with leading finance companies to help with financing, whether home or business owner or installer looking to provide energy storage for customers.
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Quick PHI 3.8 Battery Bank Calculator

Use this tool to determine the appropriate quantity of PHI batteries for use in your energy system.
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How-To Videos

For a quick demonstration on how to install or commission your SimpliPhi Power products, we have launched a series of brief and informative "How-To" Videos. We cover important topics from commissioning batteries with busbars or cables to properly setting up your 48V ExprESS unit. If you have additional questions regarding installation, commissioning and support please contact PHI 2.9 How to Connect a Lug to the Terminals on a SimpliPhi Power Battery Connecting a Busbar to Terminals on a SimpliPhi Battery Paralleling PHI...
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SimpliPhi Power Installer Qualification Quiz

IQ Installer Qualification Quiz ...
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Lead Acid Battery Bank Replacement Calculator

Use this tool to size a comparable PHI Battery Bank to a Lead Acid Battery Bank. Enter your information into the green fields below. The PHI Battery Bank result will appear in the purple field. How many Lead Acid batteries are included in...
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Warranty Registration

Warranty Registration ID:Customer InformationName:* ...
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Levelized Cost of Energy Storage (LCOES) Calculator

Use this tool to determine the PHI battery’s true cost of energy storage and to compare to either our competitors’ lead acid or other lithium ion batteries.
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Sizing Calculators

Calculate Your Energy Storage Requirements We want to empower you to make informed decisions.Size and design the optimal battery bank for your project with our dynamic calculators: ELECTRICAL LOADCALCULATOR This simple calculator allows you to estimate the kWh usage of your electricity based on the appliances you plan to power. This value will be used in other calculators on the site. QUICK PHI 3.8 BATTERY BANK CALCULATOR The Quick PHI 3.8 Battery Bank Calculator allows you to determine the minimum required PHI batteries needed...
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