Off Grid Home

PHI Delivers Energy Autonomy for Off-grid Home in Fiji

A homeowner in Vuda Point, Lautoka in Fiji started with an Internet search to find the ideal batteries to power his off-grid solar home. He needed a solution that was both small and energy dense. He found the answer in PHI batteries, which were compact enough to be installed in a small section of the kitchen and powerful enough to meet the average loads of his home and provide three days of autonomy without a generator. The homeowner contacted Pacific...
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SimpliPhi Provides Superior, Seamless Replacement for Lead Acid Batteries

SimpliPhi provided Rush Ranch with a simple, sustainable and superior storage replacement for a failing bank of flooded lead acid batteries. Purchased in 1988 by Solano Land Trust and designated as part of the San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve in 2003, Rush Ranch’s 2,070 acres of marsh and grasslands provide recreational and educational opportunities for thousands of visitors each year and have provided important contributions to tidal marsh science. An 11.5 kW PV array and a 3 kW wind...
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Supplying Power and Water to Steel Container Home and Orchard

An Arizona man bought property near the town of Snowflake on which to build his retirement home. The property had no electrical service and no water service, so the landowner hired Willis Drilling to drill a water well and install a water pump, water distribution system and a solar+SimpliPhi storage microgrid to provide water and power for both a home built out of steel cargo containers and an orchard on the property. Willis Drilling engaged Richard Dean at Ameresco Solar...
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SimpliPhi Helps Governor Brown Go Off-Grid

When he leaves the California Governor’s office, Jerry Brown and his wife Anne will spend a majority of their time at Rancho Venada -- 2,500 isolated acres located 75 minutes northwest of Sacramento that have been in the family since Governor Brown’s great grandfather August Schuckman purchased the land after arriving in Central California during the gold rush. The Brown’s new home is an off-grid, single-story, 2,674 square foot ranch house powered by a Solar+SimpliPhi storage microgrid. As a leading...
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Off-Grid in Wisconsin with David and Lila

Here’s a Power from the People story from David and Lila of Wisconsin who have used SimpliPhi Power batteries to go off-grid.
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How to Future Proof an Off-Grid Battery Bank

Flexibility is a key strength of the SimpliPhi battery system, as families can upgrade capacity as family size and load demands change. Whilst living off the grid seems to be the dream for many households that are tired of large power bills and the ever increasing prices of electricity, those already living off the grid face these day-to-day realities of solar power.
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Disconnect While Still Plugging In

Whether you live off-grid by necessity or by choice, SimpliPhi’s expertise in solar+storage microgrid electrical systems ensure that you have all the power you need to cover 100 percent of your power requirements with little or no diesel generation. Our off-grid battery banks are trusted world-wide in electrified communities, rural and remote areas without utility service as well as in natural disaster recovery zones.

Off Grid Home FAQs:

I am building a home in a region without utility service. Can SimpliPhi power my home?

Pairing solar or wind power with SimpliPhi storage can provide you with a safe, reliable, long-lasting 24/7 source of power for your home. SimpliPhi's modular and scalable storage can be sized to provide all the energy your lifestyle and home requires today as well as into the future.

I received a quote for running lines to my property that was very expensive. Would solar+SimpliPhi storage be a more affordable way to go?

The cost of trenching power lines to a residence can be exorbitant if not prohibitive. Very often these costs, when applied to a solar+SimpliPhi storage system, have created significant savings at the time of the installation and over the life of the system. As an added benefit, an off-grid system allows you to maintain control of your power generation and storage and remain secure in the face of frequent power outages.


Will my home be energy secure if I’m not tied to the grid?

In a world where natural disasters and other threats to the grid are increasingly commonplace, taking control of your own power can actually provide greater energy security than the grid. Generate the power you need and store it to use it whenever you choose -- including during and after superstorms, wildfires and other events that take down the grid. As an additional benefit, SimpliPhi's mobile Big Genny and Little Genny emergency kits allow you to be prepared in the event of an evacuation and take your power with you.

Right now I live off grid and I have a generator. If I add solar and storage can I still use my generator?

SimpliPhi storage solutions are designed to work seamlessly with any source of power generation, including diesel and natural gas generators. Our AccESS plug-and-play unit, for example, includes an AGS (automated generator start) function to simplify storage+generator integration.