Veterans Empowered to Defend Native American Land

In 2016, 2,000 U.S. military veterans quickly banded together on site to protect the Native Americans who were protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline because it threatened clean water access rights and sacred burial grounds. Shortly thereafter, these veterans, known as the Veterans for Standing Rock, formed the nonprofit Veteran Service Corps (“VSC”) to continue their efforts to protect Native American rights, advance environmental conservation, and support communities that have suffered social and economic injustices. To bolster their mission, VSC commissioned...
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Conan O’Brien and His SimpliPhi Powered Glowing Moon

Conan O’Brien’s glowing moon graced his set for more than a decade. When set designers needed a needed a small, lightweight battery that was both safe and non-toxic and able to light the moon for many hours during filming, they turned to SimpliPhi. Behind that moon was hidden a PHI battery that was able to supply power to the moon for entire tapings without requiring a recharge. SimpliPhi was also the only battery that could power fluorescent lighting.
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Outdoor Enthusiast

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Film and Broadcast

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Mobile Businesses

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All The Comforts, and Power, of Home. SimpliPhi offers a variety of mobile power solutions for RVs with the ability to replace diesel generators and lead acid batteries or provide portable power. Big or Little Genny with a solar blanket, or inside an RV we sized a system 2.6 and put in four of them with solar on the roof of this huge RV drawing a horse trailer. Learn More Talk to an Expert Featured Deployment “Many customers find it hard to believe that such a...
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SimpliPhi Batteries Hit the Road with the Oscillation Transia Film Festival to Promote Renewable Energy

SimpliPhi batteries travel the US with the Oscillation Transia Film Festival, powering equipment as an example for clean, reliable off-grid power.
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Fresh Coffee Brewing with SimpliPhi Installation in Santa Fe’s Town Square

Solar powered coffee! Most days this cart can be found in Santa Fe's Town Square delivering fresh cups of artisan coffee to a very discerning crowd. Simpliphi Power's batteries provide backup electricity for when the sun decides to hide itself. SimpliPhi Power, and coffee, can power you through most any day... and beyond.
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SimpliPhi Truly is the Ultimate RV and Caravan Battery

SimpliPhi truly is the ultimate RV and caravan battery. Many customers find it hard to believe that such a small unit can be so powerful.
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SimpliPhi Power Brings Sound and Music to the Verdugo Mountain 10k Race

Anywhere there is a need for power, SimpliPhi can deliver with our array of energy storage solutions. In this case, it allowed the organizers of this remote, outdoors event, to keep everything running smoothly with key announcements. Being able to provide a sound system also added to the fun with an appropriate soundtrack of energy-lifting tunes. “LibertyPak products were the perfect solution for our power needs at the Verdugo Mountains 10K. Our start and finish line areas are in remote locations...
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With SimpliPhi’s portable energy storage solutions, you can take long-lasting, reliable power with you anytime, anywhere. PHI batteries power a wide range of mobile businesses and recreational activities, and the Little Genny and Big Genny self-contained battery-powered generators are ideal for first responders, outdoor enthusiasts, anyone looking to be prepared in an emergency as well as the film and broadcast industry.

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