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Power Up Your Favorite Pastime

SimpliPhi offers a full range of remote and mobile power solutions for camping, festivals, sporting events, and other outdoor pursuits. Any place you’d use a generator or battery, SimpliPhi can offer a safer, more reliable power alternative.

Outdoor Enthusiast FAQs:

Diesel fuel is expensive, and generators are loud and produce a great deal of pollution. SimpliPhi storage can be charged with any generation source -- solar, wind, grid or a generator -- and can provide hours of silent, safe, non-toxic electricity.
The Little Genny and Big Genny portable generators are the solution for you. All products in the Genny line include a battery, inverter and solar panel in a self-contained easy-to-transport case. The Little Genny is smaller than a briefcase. The Big Genny is the size of a carry-on suitcase, and comes equipped with wheels and a telescoping handle. They provide silent, non-toxic, pollution-free power supplies that can be used anytime, anywhere with USB and AC outlets to power your phone, computer, small appliances, entertainment equipment and many other types of portable devices. SimpliPhi’s cobalt-free technology does not pose a risk of overheating or fire.