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SimpliPhi Power Brings Sound and Music to the Verdugo Mountain 10k Race

Anywhere there is a need for power, SimpliPhi can deliver with our array of energy storage solutions. In this case, it allowed the organizers of this remote, outdoors event, to keep everything running smoothly with key announcements. Being able to provide a sound system also added to the fun with an appropriate soundtrack of energy-lifting tunes.

“LibertyPak products were the perfect solution for our power needs at the Verdugo Mountains 10K. Our start and finish line areas are in remote locations with no power source. In the past, we’ve used gas powered generators which made it sound like someone was mowing the lawn.

Using the Big Genny at the start and Little Genny at the finish line, we were able to run our PA systems and play music for as long as we needed. In fact, we had so much power left over in the Big Genny, we used it to power the PA at our awards ceremony, even though there was an AC outlet nearby.

LibertyPak is definitely the way to go if you want clean , quiet power in a remote location!”
– Charlie Marko, Race Director Verdugo Mountains 10K