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SimpliPhi Batteries Hit the Road with the Oscillation Transia Film Festival to Promote Renewable Energy

For the past few months, SimpliPhi batteries have been travelling across the United States with the Oscillation Transia Film Festival, powering equipment and serving as an example for clean, reliable off-grid power. The non-profit Oscillation Transia Film Festival explores the intersection of solar energy application and environmental awareness through the art of film, uniting a diverse population of Americans by means of a free, open-to-the-public festival with each film presentation. Here, dreamers and allies of the future can come together to experience and discuss environmental awareness through low-impact outdoor cinema.

Jess Giacobbe and Austin Krause, the founders of the Oscillation Transia Film Festival, are celebrating one wild idea: to self-sustainably travel America, sharing innovative film screenings through the power of solar energy in some of the most inspirational and diverse natural landscapes in the country. The festival uses only a solar energy generator paired with a bank of SimpliPhi’s PHI 3.4 batteries that silently power two JBL EON612 speakers, one BenQ SP920P projector, 23 LED lights and one Apple Macbook Pro charger.

Krause commented, “As a traveling film festival operating entirely on solar power, our SimpliPhi Power LFP batteries have been an absolute dream. We have more than enough energy for our film screenings, we don’t have to worry about keeping them ventilated, and most importantly, they are light. After taking into consideration their high charge density, the 100 percent depth of discharge capability and the quick discharge rate we’d need for our application, our bank of PHI 3.4 batteries is less than half the weight of an equivalent lead acid option. This has proved to be imperative because we muscle our solar generator cart around on a daily basis. The list goes on for why we are thrilled with our SimpliPhi Power batteries, and I would recommend them to anyone for countless applications.”

Like the Oscillation Transia Film Festival, SimpliPhi’s mission is to encourage the use of renewable energy. Our safe, non-toxic batteries empower individuals, communities and enterprises globally to access clean, affordable power anytime, anywhere. We’re dedicated to offering the most environmentally benign, efficient and simplest way to use energy storage. Our vision is to mobilize people and power beyond the limits of transmission lines, and we’re honored to have Oscillation Transia Film Festival’s help in spreading this message to like-minded people and organizations across America.