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SimpliPhi Helps Bring Opportunities to Falco’s Children Village in Tanzania

Welcome to Falco’s Children Village, an amazing place where dozens of Tanzania’s 2.5 million orphans have been given a home of their own, with clothing, healthy food and clean drinking water. Located in Karatu, one of the many challenges facing this community is the fact that the nearest power line is 17km away.

Recently, they brought in one of their volunteers who helped them with their solar panels. He was able to help them move from using a generator to completely living off of solar energy. This was even further improved by choosing to use an array of SimpliPhi Power PHI 3.4 batteries. This allows Falco’s Children Village to have access to electricity 24/7. The microgrid was installed to replace a diesel generator: reducing operating costs, noise, and pollution.

The system currently provides 20.4kWh of power and consists of six SimpliPhi Power PHI3.4 48V batteries and three Outback VFXR 3048E inverters.

The microgrid provides power to nine dwellings that house 130 people: orphans and caretakers. It also powers an electric fence that protects the garden from wild life – an extremely important duty since the villagers raise their own food.

The system was put together and donated by Progressive Power. When asked why did they choose SimpliPhi Power products specifically, they replied that it was three-fold:

  • Lead Acid Batteries were lasting only 7-8 months (vs. SimpliPhi batteries which can last 10-20 years).
  • The site will be expanding with additional housing. SimpliPhi Power Storage can be easily scaled to meet the growing needs.
  • SimpliPhi Power batteries are incredibly reliable, having a wide operating temperature and excellent overall efficiency.

Some final things that  the managers at Falco’s Children Village find noteworthy?

  • The generator has not run once since the system was installed, even despite as many as 3 consecutive days of cloudy weather.
  • New guest houses are planned within this microgrid – this will require more energy storage. It’s apparent that the microgrid is well designed and is fulfilling the needs of the people of Falco Children’s Village.
  • A new microgrid will be installed to power a distant well
  • Only 47 Percent of people in Tanzania have access to Grid Energy. This microgrid is a promising model, fuel costs are diverted to renewables and other needs, expanding access to the security and safety that reliable energy provides  Noise and pollution are eliminated

To find out more about Falco Children’s Village and the amazing things they are hoping to accomplish visit their website.