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SimpliPhi Is There For You When You Are There For Us

For first responders such as paramedics, police and firefighters, having dependable, mobile emergency power and backup power is essential -- especially following natural disasters and other major adverse events.

SimpliPhi offers the full range of emergency and backup power first responders need -- from portable solar+storage Little Genny or Big Genny mobile generators kits to full-scale containerized nanogrid systems that can provide essential energy infrastructure while permanent systems are rebuilt or brought back online.

Unlike other mobile energy alternatives, SimpliPhi storage solutions are non-toxic and pose no risk of fire.

First Responder FAQs:

We understand that for emergency responders, SimpliPhi batteries will be a critical lifeline. When it comes to police or EMS communications and in-field equipment and technologies, loss of power or weak battery life is not an option. Our batteries have been subjected to the most rigorous testing possible by the U.S. military, which confirmed that SimpliPhi storage:
  • Can deliver high-output peak power as well as base-load sustained power for longer durations than other batteries.
  • Demonstrates greater efficiency in weight, size and power delivery for rugged, mobile and mission-critical operations.
  • Has the ability to withstand harshest global environments and use cases.
With SimpliPhi, you will never be without battery power in times of increased need.
SimpliPhi’s batteries contain no cobalt. Our LFP lithium ion chemistry poses no risk of thermal runaway or fire, and is non-toxic and environmentally benign.