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Grow Profits While Protecting the Environment

SimpliPhi works with growers, processors, wineries, cold storage facilities, packers, nurseries, and a wide range of other agriculture entities to deliver energy savings and security. Whether you are looking to optimize high-energy-use processes like irrigation, ensure backup power and total resiliency for a cold storage facility, reduce general operating expenses, or simply farm more sustainably, SimpliPhi can help.

Agriculture FAQs:

SimpliPhi batteries have a very small footprint. Their energy density combined with the fact that they do not require ventilation, ancillary cooling or thermal monitoring means PHI batteries can be installed in tight spaces, such as closets or utility rooms. In addition, because PHI batteries can operate safely in temperatures from -4° to 140°F, they can be installed indoors or outdoors. This versatility allows you to choose to install container-type storage or in existing barns, warehouses or other buildings.

SimpliPhi storage solutions are able to store electricity from solar and wind turbines (DC input), conventional generators, or the grid. Given that renewable sources of power can be intermittent and unpredictable without energy storage, adding SimpliPhi batteries to your renewable generation plant will allow you to have true power security and resilience. In addition, in grid-tied locations, an integrated solar PV or wind turbine combined with an energy storage system can maximize your utility bill savings -– both reducing energy and demand charges.
With SimpliPhi energy storage, agricultural operations can either capture energy created through renewable generation and store it, or store energy from the grid during off peak hours when prices are low and discharging it during peak rate times. By limiting your need to rely on grid power and reducing short-term usage spikes, SimpliPhi is able to help agricultural customers reduce their exposure to significant peak demand charges, which can account for as much as 50 percent of a utility bill.
When it comes to lithium ion batteries, cobalt is the element that is toxic and poses the risk of thermal runaway and fire. SimpliPhi does not use cobalt. Our lithium ion chemistry is lithium ferrous phosphate (LFP) which environmentally benign and non-toxic. Without any danger of overheating or toxicity, SimpliPhi batteries do not pose a risk of fire or contamination to crops, animals or processed food products.