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Santa Barbara Clean Energy Rebate

Ready to save? Follow these 4 steps:

  1. Check Eligibility

This rebate is exclusively offered to Santa Barbara Clean Energy customers. Fill out the information using the form below and we will verify if you are eligible!

  1. SimpliPhi Installers

Choose from the list of Elite IQ Installers who will help size and design the best SimpliPhi battery system solution for your home or business needs!

  1. Validate Your System

Submit the Warranty information and we will validate your system. Your Elite IQ Installer may help you with this step, or you can do it easily on our website.

  1. Get Your Cash Rebate

Once your address as an SBCE customer has been validated, the Warranty paperwork has been submitted, and you have received the interconnection permit, SimpliPhi Power will send you a rebate check to the address provided in step 1!

Advantages of SimpliPhi Backup Power Systems:

  • Safe Lithium Ion Chemistry – No Cobalt

  • 10 Year Warranty

  • Critical Backup and Lower Monthly Utility Bill

  • Stores Power from Grid, Solar, Generator, or All Three

  • Scalable for Large & Small Systems to Meet Your Needs

  • Robust Performance, High Efficiency & Long-Lasting

  • Zero Emissions / Zero Maintenance

  • Proven Technology with 11 Years of Installations in Over 40 Countries


SimpliPhi Power’s energy storage systems have been tested under extreme conditions and have received the industry’s highest safety ratings. They are 9540A tested and 9540 & 1973 UL-Certified to ensure safe, reliable operations over the life of the battery system to keep your home and business safe.

Check Rebate Eligibility

This rebate is exclusively for Santa Barbara Clean Energy customers.
Fill out the information below and we will verify if you are eligible by email.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.