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Energize CA PSPS

Take Control of Your Power this Wildfire Season

During the last two years, more than 16,500 wildfires ignited across California, and in the past 4 years, equipment owned by California’s three largest investor-owned utilities have been deemed responsible for sparking more than 2,000 fires.

The Power of Being Prepared During “Public Safety Power Shutoffs” (PSPS)

The California wildfire season is expected to be significant this year, with Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) already being planned.

Throughout California, utilities PG&E, SCE and SDG&E are advising that we prepare for Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) that could potentially cut power to 11 million residential and commercial customers in high-risk fire areas to reduce the likelihood of wildfires caused by transmission lines.

The utilities forecast that a PSPS could last hours, days or even weeks, depending on high wind, heat and dry weather conditions. How will an hour, day, or week without power impact you? If you are one of the approximately 11 million Californians likely to be impacted by PSPS this fire season, SimpliPhi has created the Energize California campaign and Guide as a resource to help you prepare, cut costs and ensure that you are able to keep the lights on, even when the utility turns them off.

Download the Energize CA Guide to start preparing for PSPS:

Our Energize CA Initiative

As a California company, our employees and business operations are vulnerable to the Public Safety Power Shutoffs - just like you. Our first-hand experience with fires, grid failures and planned shutoffs is behind our commitment to making sure that every Californian can safely and reliably generate, store, and utilize power anytime, anywhere, on their terms.

Let us help you take control and SimpliPhi your power!