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Trailer-Mounted Power Systems For Combat Operations

As the U.S. military continues to engage in enduring and expeditionary conflicts in remote and austere regions of the world, there has been a concerted effort to solve the challenges associated with moving fuel and supplying reliable, secure power for today’s military power-intensive military equipment. Moving fuel to the front lines is incredibly costly -- in both financial terms and in lives. For example, by the end of 2010, the Defense Logistics Agency was moving 40 million gallons of fuel per month into Afghanistan, while the casualty factor for fuel resupplies in Afghanistan was almost one life lost for every 24 fuel convoys.

Forge and T-Series Deployed at Forward Area Refueling Points (Farps) - (Image courtesy of ZeroBase)

With the [SimpliPhi-powered ZeroBase Forge portable solar+storage kits] proven in the field, the military sought to further offset diesel consumption with a larger, ruggedized, mobile and easily deployable microgrid systems.

The ZeroBase T-Series trailer was a microgrid on wheels -- featuring ballistic solar panels, a 5, 10 or 15 kW generator and 4-20 PHI batteries. With an off-road chassis, the T-Series could be transported easily over long distances behind a humvee or other defense or commercial vehicle and deployed in less than 10 minutes. The PHI batteries could be fully charged in less than two hours by solar, wind or a generator.

The trailers provided critical peak-load power together with long duration storage in one system, which was suitable for powering housing units, satellite uplink terminals, weapons stations, surveillance equipment and more.

T-Series Trailer-Mounted Power Systems For Combat Operations. (Image courtesy of ZeroBase)

Regardless of global location, providing secure tactical electric power at combat outposts where energy security and fuel re-supply efforts are constrained will remain critical. The T-Series mobile microgrid featuring PHI batteries is proven to deliver reliable power for military operations -- even in the harshest and most remote environments.