Elite IQ Installer Training Calendar

AC & DC Coupling of a PV System with PHI Batteries (NABCEP Credit)


This webinar provides an overview of AC and DC Coupling of a PV installation and how our PHI batteries can optimize your system. This course will focus on topics including: Participants in this training will earn 1.0 credit toward NABCEP certification and meet one of the requirements for SimpliPhi’s Elite IQ Installer Training Program. Click here for details on […]

Why the Battery Management System (BMS) Matters (NABCEP Credit)


A battery management system (BMS) is key to a lithium-ion battery’s operation and performance. Briggs & Stratton Energy Solutions understands that ‘one-size-fits-all’ does not optimize or meet a customer’s project objectives. Join us to discuss our different BMS models, their functional features, and how to choose the best solution for your project! Increase your knowledge […]

Installing in Harsh Environments (NABCEP Credit)


Extreme weather and harsh environments present unique challenges for energy storage systems that can require changes to system design, installation requirements, and operational settings. Incorporating mitigation strategies up-front will optimize your overall system, protect the battery's integrity, maintain reliable, efficient performance, and preserve your customer’s investment for the installation's life. This free webinar will inform […]

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