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Off-Grid Lead Acid Battery Replacement – The Ojai Foundation

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SIMPLIPHI POWER replaced 24 toxic lead acid batteries with 8 efficient, clean and enduring OES 2.6 energy storage and management units at The Ojai Foundation.

The power capacity increased while the footprint decreased, eliminating maintenance, toxic off-gassing and losses typical of lead acid batteries. The Ojai Foundation wanted to demonstrate a new model of power generation, transmission and distribution that was off-grid, local and sustainable. SimpliPhi Power easily achieved the Foundation’s goal of having reliable power 24/7 using solar power as its sole power source.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Lead Acid vs. SimpliPhi Power Technology

Lead AcidValueSimpliPhi PowerValue
24 Lead Acid Batteries10.8 kWh of energy storage8 PHI 2.6 Batteries20.8 kWh of energy storage
Weight2,823 lbsWeight460 lbs
Replacement Requirement3 yearsReplacement Requirement10 to 20 years
MaintenanceExtensive, trickle chargingMaintenanceNone
Optimum Operating Temp77° FOperating Temp-4° to 140°F (20°-60°C)
Hazard RatingAcute-chronicHazard RatingSafe & environmentally benign
Depth of Discharge70%Depth of Discharge100%
Cycle Life300Cycle Life5,000+
Depth of Discharge50%Depth of Discharge98%
Self-Discharge13% per monthSelf-Discharge<1% loss per month
SavingsNoneSavingsWeight, size, shipping and operating costs
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