Lead Acid Replacement

SimpliPhi Provides Superior, Seamless Replacement for Lead Acid Batteries

SimpliPhi provided Rush Ranch with a simple, sustainable and superior storage replacement for a failing bank of flooded lead acid batteries. Purchased in 1988 by Solano Land Trust and designated as part of the San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve in 2003, Rush Ranch’s 2,070 acres of marsh and grasslands provide recreational and educational opportunities for thousands of visitors each year and have provided important contributions to tidal marsh science. An 11.5 kW PV array and a 3 kW wind...
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How to Future Proof an Off-Grid Battery Bank

Flexibility is a key strength of the SimpliPhi battery system, as families can upgrade capacity as family size and load demands change. Whilst living off the grid seems to be the dream for many households that are tired of large power bills and the ever increasing prices of electricity, those already living off the grid face these day-to-day realities of solar power.
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Off-Grid Lead Acid Battery Replacement – The Ojai Foundation

SIMPLIPHI POWER replaced 24 toxic lead acid batteries with 8 efficient, clean and enduring OES 2.6 energy storage and management units at The Ojai Foundation.
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Time To Replace Your Lead Acid Installation? SimpliPhi Makes It Simple.

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Lead Acid Replacement FAQs: