Elite IQ Installer Training Calendar

NEW SimpliPHI™ Fully Integrated ESS


SimpliPhi Power - now part of Briggs and Stratton, has released the SimpliPHI™ ESS. The new ESS is composed of a 6 kW inverter, 4.9 kWh batteries, and EnergyTrak™ gateway and mobile app. All components use closed-loop communications to allow for quick commissioning, remote monitoring and firmware upgrades, and better performance. In this training we […]

ESS Safety & Standards


Excited for your PHI battery installation, but want to make sure you’ve checked off all the requirements needed to make it seamless? Safety is paramount when designing and installing energy storage systems (ESS), and SimpliPhi is here to help! Topics covered in this free training will include: Completion of the introductory SimpliPhi Elite IQ Installer […]

Achieving True Safety in Energy Storage: UL 9540 and UL 9540A Fire Testing (NABCEP Credit)


Safety is a critical consideration in selecting a lithium-ion Energy Storage System (ESS) to provide truly secure and resilient power. Fire Departments and AHJ’s rely on UL 9540A Fire Safety Testing and UL 9540 Certification to determine safety and installation requirements for ESS during the permitting process. We will provide an overview of the different […]

Charge, Discharge, & State of Charge (NABCEP Credit)


Know your power! Join SimpliPhi and explore best practices to optimize charging, discharging and state of charge (SOC) to meet your customer's energy storage project requirements. In addition to SimpliPhi’s voltage set-point recommendations, learn how to use advanced operations and charge settings to align with modes of operation and achieve specific performance objectives. Increase your […]

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