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SimpliPhi partners with utilities globally that seek innovative solutions to reduce costs and pollution as well as extend grid service, increase grid capacity and resiliency with firesafe, non-toxic, scalable energy storage.

Utility FAQs:

Coupling SimpliPhi storage with any power generation source allows utilities to cut transmission and extend service beyond the limits of grid-scale infrastructure. Our solutions save utilities money and enable a much faster timeline for implementation.
Because PHI batteries offer features that residential and commercial customers want most, including superior safety, reliability, longevity and scalability, SimpliPhi partners with utilities to design energy storage programs that benefit both the utility and the rate payer. The ability for utilities to promote distributed energy storage solutions that are non-toxic, do not pose the danger of fire that can be installed in homes and businesses, both indoors and out, boosts program adoption and advances utilities’ grid modernization goals.
SimpliPhi has worked with utilities worldwide to supply reliable, safe energy to rural and remote customers who have historically had to rely upon diesel generators. With a SimpliPhi microgrid system, generators are downsized and used only as backup power to charge the batteries when needed. Customers save money on fuel and are protected from the pollution created by diesel, leveraging the power of renewable energy.
Yes, by pairing energy storage with the power of the sun and/or wind, utilities are able to satisfy or surpass their renewable energy targets with distributed, firesafe, non-toxic solutions along the entire electric distribution grid.