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No Place Is Too Remote for SimpliPhi Power

SimpliPhi's energy storage solutions are ideally suited to provide power for remote test centers, data stations, scientific sites, oil rigs and mining operations. Our microgrid expertise helps companies and government agencies power the full range of remote off-grid facilities, safely and reliably. Plus, our plug-and-play containerized solutions make on-site deployments fast and easy.

Remote Sites FAQs:

We’d like to reduce or eliminate our facility’s reliance on diesel generators. Can SimpliPhi help?
Many of our customers have previously deployed diesel generators as a way to extend access to power beyond the grid, and have turned to energy storage to significantly reduce fossil fuel usage the cost of transporting fuel. Typically, replacement systems are designed to run on solar + storage with a diesel generator for backup during inclement weather. With a SimpliPhi microgrid system, generators are downsized and used only as backup power to charge the batteries when needed, lowering costs and reducing noise and pollution.
Our remote test site is in the desert. Can SimpliPhi batteries withstand the heat?
SimpliPhi’s ruggedized batteries are able to withstand a wide temperature range -- from 4° to 140°F -- without any risk of thermal runaway, failure or fire. In fact, our batteries have been proven in desert combat zones on forward operating bases by the U.S. Army and Marine Corps.