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With SimpliPhi’s portable energy storage solutions, you can take long-lasting, reliable power with you anytime, anywhere. PHI batteries power a wide range of mobile businesses and recreational activities, and the Little Genny and Big Genny self-contained battery-powered generators are ideal for first responders, outdoor enthusiasts, anyone looking to be prepared in an emergency as well as the film and broadcast industry.

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Our Little Genny or Big Genny mobile generators are a trusted source of power in any emergency. Little and Big Genny’s include a battery, inverter and solar panel in a self-contained easy-to-transport case. They provide a silent, non-toxic, pollution-free power supply that can be used anytime, anywhere with USB ports and AC outlets to power cell phones, tablets, laptops, fans, small appliances, and many other types of portable equipment for years of reliable use. Their cobalt-free technology poses no risk of overheating or fire.

Powering your business with a reliable solar+SimpliPhi storage system will not only cut the cost of fuel from your operating budget, it will also eliminate diesel-related noise and pollution. Safer for your health and that of your customers, SimpliPhi storage is non-toxic, silent and does not pose a risk of fire danger.