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Military and government agencies have stringent requirements when it comes to their energy solutions. SimpliPhi is proud to have partnered with the Department of Defense and other domestic and international government organizations on energy storage research & development programs and energy storage deployments to solve global issues.

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Our first R&D challenge on behalf of the DoD was to create a seamless, better performing lithium ion battery to replace lead acid. Depleted through self-discharge during shipping due to extreme heat and corrosion, lead acid batteries were arriving at FOBs DOA - and leaving FOBs stranded w/out power. Our non-toxic batteries matched lead acid physical size while increasing system uptime, reliability, energy density and power output. SimpliPhi also eliminated thermal mitigation needs and constraints, and our airtight containers did not require ventilation - protecting energy generation from sandstorms and other environmental elements.
SimpliPhi batteries have the flexibility to power a wide range of mobile military power solutions. For example, we helped develop The Forge - a silent, 3-5 kW solar+storage kit that met the weight limit for two-man-carry. The kits could be daisy-chained together to increase capacity/power. On a larger scale, T-series trailers had room for 4-20 SimpliPhi batteries and could be pulled behind a humvee. With solar panels that could stack easily on the trailer roof and outlets for plug in generators, batteries could be charged completely in less than two hours.
Rigorously tested by extreme discharge and charge parameters utilized by the Marine Corps, military testers found the SimpliPhi batteries performed above expectations in providing both mission critical peak-load power and long-duration storage power, in a form factor that is lighter and smaller than other batteries, without a heat signature or the need for ventilation or cooling.
Yes. More than 100 SimpliPhi systems were deployed to power a wide range of combat military operations and equipment in both Iraq and Afghanistan with a zero percent failure rate.