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Keep the Lights On During the Darkest Hours

SimpliPhi storage solutions have helped communities worldwide survive and recover from hurricanes, wildfires and other disasters.

With products ranging from portable solar+storage Little Genny and Big Genny mobile generator kits to full-scale containerized nanogrid systems that can both provide immediate energy infrastructure until structures and services can be rebuilt and brought back online, as well as be used in place of utility power for the long term.

Unlike other mobile energy alternatives, SimpliPhi storage solutions are non-toxic and do not pose a risk of fire, which is even more critical in recovery zones.

Disaster Relief FAQs:

SimpliPhi has a proven track record of rapid deployment of critical resources across territories and disaster zones. In addition, we offer special pricing for disaster-related deployments so that financial constraints don't limit recovery efforts.

In addition to stationary turn-key solutions for both large and small installations, SimpliPhi also offers a robust line of mobile and portable power solutions. The PowerBank, a battery-powered generator on wheels, can be mobilized and moved to other locations during catastrophic events. The Big Genny and Little Genny can be wheeled or carried in the case of evacuations, allowing you to take your power with you -- uninterrupted and secure.