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Ensuring No Clinic Is Left in the Dark

Empowering medical clinics in remote parts of the world, first responders after natural disasters and medical services in refugee camps are all an integral part of SimpliPhi’s mission. We are committed to providing healthcare facilities with the power necessary to keep the lights on, vaccines and medications refrigerated and other lifesaving equipment operating reliably.

Clinic FAQs:

SimpliPhi microgrid solutions enable electricity, water and communications to be made available, anytime, anywhere. The systems can be sized to provide basic electricity to the clinic, as well as to power water pumps and filtration systems, cell phone extenders and more.
SimpliPhi offers a number of solutions when it comes to restoring power after a natural disaster. Our mobile Genny emergency kits are portable and allow you to take essential power with you -- enabling clinics to power critical systems at the clinic site or wherever patients need care. On a larger scale, we can work with you to develop a containerized solar+storage microgrid that can serve as a robust power supply station for your clinic and the surrounding community -- both as part of recovery as well as preparedness efforts.
SimpliPhi batteries are the ideal choice for medical clinics. SimpliPhi’s lithium ferrous phosphate (LFP) chemistry does not contain cobalt, which is hazardous and toxic. Our batteries are environmentally benign, non-toxic and do not pose any danger of thermal runaway or fire.

SimpliPhi batteries have been field-tested and proven in some of the harshest and most extreme environments on the planet, including deserts in the Middle East and tropical regions around the world.

Many of our customers turn to us seeking a replacement for lead acid batteries, which have a very limited lifespan when subjected to hot equatorial climates. SimpliPhi batteries do not have heat-related performance issues and provide a simple, direct lead acid replacement.

SimpliPhi batteries are regularly transported via small planes, canoes, pack animals and more. Our batteries are significantly lighter and smaller than lead acid batteries making them easier to transport. Plus, they have a much longer lifespan, which virtually eliminates the need to deliver replacement batteries over the lifespan of the microgrid.