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SimpliPhi your power with AccESS to a fully integrated energy storage & management solution with OutBack Power equipment.

  • AccESS power security with safe, reliable, non-hazardous and efficient energy storage
  • AccESS any power generation source with intelligent management
  • AccESS your own power when and where you need it – inside or outside your home or business
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SimpliPhi Power designs and manufactures efficient, non-toxic and enduring energy storage and management systems that utilize lithium ferro phosphate (LFP). Based in California, SimpliPhi combines non-hazardous LFP chemistry with its proprietary cell and battery architecture, power electronics, battery management system (BMS) and manufacturing methods to create safe, reliable, durable and highly scalable on-demand power solutions. Available for the residential, commercial, military and emergency response markets, SimpliPhi storage solutions have been rigorously tested and passed operational performance requirements by the U.S. Army and Marine Corps. Integral to all SimpliPhi solutions is a proprietary management system that further optimizes the life-cycle, round-trip efficiency rate, performance and durability of its batteries. SimpliPhi PHI 3.5 kWh 48V 60 Amp batteries are Certified to UL 1973 Standard.

Internal transfer switch automatically disconnects from the grid during power outages and provides standby power for critical circuits
Outdoor rated enclosure can be free-standing, or pad-mounted
Advanced LFP batteries with a 10,000 cycle / 10-year warranty
98% round trip efficiency
Remote monitoring by web browser or mobile device app
No cobalt , thermal regulation, cooling, or risk of fire
Extended operating temperature
Solar MPPT for DC-coupled or off-grid installations
Automatic Generator control for additional standby power


SIA (Standard Interconnection Agreement) customers: ESS allows for solar PV power to be self-consumed, while also providing a backup power source

NEM (Net Energy Metering) customers: add standby power and peak-shaving to a new or existing net-metered solar array

Off-grid customers: ESS with 8 kW Solar MPPT combines power generation and energy management in a single package


“After Hurricane Maria hit PR, SimpliPhi made our transition to solar energy a breeze. Now our guesthouse is always energized and environmentally friendly”
Harmony Guesthouse, Puerto Rico – August 2018


Dimensions (W x H x D)29.5 x 76 x 20 in (w/feet), (75 x 193 x 51 cm)
Weight600 lb (272.155 kg) (w/out batteries)
Enclosure RatingNEMA 3R Outdoor rated
Operating Temperature-4 to 122 °F | -20 to 50 °C
MountingFree-standing or pad-mounted
Outback PowerRadian GS8048A
ApplicationOn / Off Grid
AC Connections1 Grid Port, 1 Generator Port
AC Output1120/240V AC, 60 Hz
Rated / Peak Power2 (from battery)8 kW (7 kW2)
Max Charge Rate115A DC, 7.2 kW (30A AC @ 240V AC)
CEC Weighted Efficiency92.50%
SimpliPhi PowerPHI 3.5 kWh 48V DC 60 Amp (x4)
UL RatingUL 1973 Standard (ETL Certified)
Rated kWh Capacity @ C/214 kWh
Depth of Discharge3up to 100%
Round Trip Efficiency98%
Cycle Life10,000+ (@ 80% DOD)
Warranty Period10 years
Solar (select models)
Outback Power Charge ControllerFLEXmax 80
Output Power (max)8 kW
Charge Current (max)160A DC
PV Array Voltage (max operating)(145V DC
PV Array Voltage (max open circuit)150V DC
Other Features
Internet Connected Monitor/CommandOPTICS RE
Automatic Generator StartTwo wire generator only
System Display & ControllerMATE3s

1.) 240V AC standard; 120V AC on request.
2.) When operating from battery, the maximum inverter power is half the battery capacity (kWh/2h).
3.) Max operating conditions. Refer to Warranty for recommended conditions.

Specifications are typical/nominal. Subject to change without notice.

Additional Info

DIMENSIONS: (W x H x D): 29.5 x 76 x 20 in (w/feet), (75 x 193 x 51 cm)
WEIGHT: 600 lb (272.155 kg) (w/out batteries)

  • UN3480, Lithium Ion batteries, 9, II
  • UL and CE listed, UN/DOT and RoHS compliant components
  • Manufactured in the United States