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Are You Prepared for PSPS and California Wildfires?

Are You Prepared for PSPS (Public Safety Power Shutoffs) and California Wildfires?

Protect Your Home or Business from Power Outages with SimpliPhi Battery Backup Power.

Already have solar?

Solar systems without battery storage are grid tied only. When the grid fails so does your PV system. Adding batteries keeps solar panels generating power through an outage, charging batteries during the day and keeping your lights on through the night.

Never lose power again

While remote locations in the state will suffer the most frequent outages, no one is immune. Homes and businesses in urban, suburban, and rural areas will likely see their power shut off multiple times a year by the utility. Maps on each utility’s website show the extent of these power outages on any given day.

Advantages of SimpliPhi backup power systems:

  • Zero Emissions / Zero Maintenance

  • Safe Lithium Chemistry – No Cobalt

  • 10 Year Warranty

  • Lower Monthly Utility Bill and Critical Backup

  • High Performance, High Efficiency & Long-Lasting

  • Scalable for Large & Small Systems to Meet Your Needs


SimpliPhi Power’s energy storage systems have been tested under the most extreme conditions. They are 9540A tested and 9540 UL-Certified to ensure safe, reliable operations to keep your home and business safe.

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