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SimpliPhi Elite IQ Installer Training: Power Outages and Building Resilience with Distributed Assets

August 3, 2021 @ 10:00 AM 11:00 AM PDT

Utility outages – both planned and unplanned – are becoming more frequent and more costly due to our aging electric grid and natural gas infrastructure. The disastrous blackouts in Texas and throughout the Southern US are just some of the most recent examples.

Distributed, customer-sited energy storage systems are the most cost-effective way to build customer resilience for businesses and homeowners, and can be installed as standalone back-up power solutions, or integrate with solar generation, or even with fuel-based generators to extend fuel reserves through days or weeks of a power outage. When conditions are normal and the grid is operational, these flexible energy storage systems also provide several economic benefits as well, from peak shaving to offsetting time of use (TOU) utility charges daily.

With SimpliPhi Power’s scalable UL-certified energy storage solutions, adding resilient back-up power has never been easier! Join us as we discuss benefits, features, options, and frequently asked questions about maximizing, integrating and retrofitting energy storage for homes and businesses. 

If you are an installer considering energy storage as an offering – then sign up today!

This training will cover:

  • Growing need for and the benefits of customer-sited energy storage and resilience
  • All-in-one fixed solutions vs. flexible platform with scalable storage and power options
  • AC vs DC coupled installations and understanding new and existing solar PV
  • Demand charge mitigation with daily cycling of your batteries
  • Backing up critical loads and enabling PV generation even during grid outages

Completion of the introductory SimpliPhi Elite IQ Installer Training (Battery Chemistry 101) is recommended, but not required.

Spaces are limited, so please register in advance. Thank you!

If you missed any of our training sessions check out our Live Webinar Training Video Archive.

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