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SimpliPhi Elite IQ Installer Training: Battery and System Sizing

July 29, 2021 @ 10:00 AM 11:00 AM PDT

Whether connecting to a critical loads panel, installing off-grid, planning a whole home or business backup, or pairing batteries with wind or PV, SimpliPhi’s energy storage systems can be sized to meet the specific needs of all types of customers. Understanding battery and overall system design is essential to ensuring customers make the best possible investment and that the battery bank achieves their energy objectives safely and reliably for years to come. 

During this Elite IQ training, SimpliPhi’s energy experts will share best practices and tools for properly sizing energy storage systems for a wide range of applications. The valuable insights and best practices covered during this training are broadly applicable and will help installers learn the ins-and-outs of battery system sizing and optimization of performance over time. 

In this training we’ll cover: 

  • Calculating on and off-grid storage and peak demand requirements from loads 
  • Sub-panels for critical loads vs whole home or business 
  • Replacing existing lead acid or lithium batteries 
  • Equipment compatibility and interoperability 
  • Off-grid vs. on-grid sizing calculations 
  • Integrating generators for resilience and redundancy 
  • PV, hydro & wind considerations 
  • The benefits, technical support, requirements and perks of SimpliPhi’s Elite IQ (Installer Qualification) Training Program – we’re here for you! 

Completion of the introductory SimpliPhi Elite IQ Installer Training (Battery Chemistry 101) is recommended, but not required. 

If you missed any of our training sessions check out our Live Webinar Training Video Archive.

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