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Tiny Home Owners Upgrade with Modular SimpliPhi Batteries

Ty Tabata lives off-grid in a 30’ x 8.5’ tiny house on wheels built in just seven days during Incredible Tiny Homes’ second “Build Your Own Home Workshop.”

Though the water heater and cooking range are run on propane, the tiny home’s 10v 9,000 btu ductless mini split AC, apartment-sized refrigerator, 3 LED TV’s, wireless router, small microwave, bathroom exhaust fan in bathroom and living space ceiling fan are powered by solar+energy storage.

When the tiny home was first constructed, storage was provided by 8 lead acid batteries weighing 1,048 pounds! Seeking a better option, Ty decided to replace the lead acid with 3 PHI 3.5 kWh lithium ferrous phosphate batteries, eliminating more than 800 pounds of weight, ensuring better performance and removing toxicity from her living space.

Before - with Lead Acid Batteries

After - with More Efficient, Non-Toxic, Safe SimpliPhi Batteries

The balance of the new-and-improved solar+SimpliPhi storage system includes 2.7 kW of solar, a Magnum 4400W inverter charger, and a Midnite Classic Solar Charge Controller.

“We are extremely happy with the decision to switch to SimpliPhi and love the reduction of footprint and weight, as well as the dramatically lengthened warranty and life expectancy.”

Ty’s new system was put to the test following Hurricane Irma in September 2017.

“Coming home after the storm, I checked all of the electrical equipment, turned on the power to the house, and the system was 85 percent charged, just where I had left it. Everyone else in our area was with out of power for about 3-4 days, but my SimpliPhi system continued to perform beautifully.”