Tiny Home Owners Upgrade with Modular SimpliPhi Batteries

Ty Tabata lives off-grid in a 30’ x 8.5’ tiny house on wheels built in just seven days during Incredible Tiny Homes’ second “Build Your Own Home Workshop.” Though the water heater and cooking range are run on propane, the tiny home’s 10v 9,000 btu ductless mini split AC, apartment-sized refrigerator, 3 LED TV’s, wireless router, small microwave, bathroom exhaust fan in bathroom and living space ceiling fan are powered by solar+energy storage. When the tiny home was first constructed, storage...
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Retiree Prepares for Outages While Saving Money Year-Round

More than five months after Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, the Oquendo home in rural Juncos, Puerto Rico remained without power. With a large extended family living in the household, including several seniors and young children, family members from outside of Puerto Rico wanted to make sure that their loved ones would never be without power again. They turned to Energy Solutions Puerto Rico, UMA Solar and SimpliPhi power to design a grid-tied solar+storage system to provide both net metering...
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Florida Homeowners Add Battery Backup to Prepare for the Next Storm

After installing their home solar system in 2015, Simon and Jody endured hurricane after hurricane, as their home is located in Miami, in Florida’s “Hurricane Alley.” Every time a hurricane hit, they once again found themselves without power. When Hurricane Irma hit, for example, Simon and Jody were among the 7.7 million Florida homes that lost power at some point. What many fail to realize is that utilities mandate that grid-tied solar installations be automatically shut down in the...
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SimpliPhi & Grassroots Solar Keep Homeowner Safe & Warm During Winter Power Outages

With winter temperatures often falling into the single digits and monthly snow falls totaling more than a foot, a homeowner in Pownal, VT wanted to be sure he was able to stay warm and have access to food, water and communication in his Vermont cabin whenever the power goes out. The homeowner engaged Grassroots Solar to build a reliable AC-coupled solar+storage system. The system includes 10 solar panels providing 3.45 kW of power, a 10x SunPower 320W built-in microinverter and...
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PHI Delivers Energy Autonomy for Off-grid Home in Fiji

A homeowner in Vuda Point, Lautoka in Fiji started with an Internet search to find the ideal batteries to power his off-grid solar home. He needed a solution that was both small and energy dense. He found the answer in PHI batteries, which were compact enough to be installed in a small section of the kitchen and powerful enough to meet the average loads of his home and provide three days of autonomy without a generator. The homeowner contacted Pacific...
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SimpliPhi Provides Superior, Seamless Replacement for Lead Acid Batteries

SimpliPhi provided Rush Ranch with a simple, sustainable and superior storage replacement for a failing bank of flooded lead acid batteries. Purchased in 1988 by Solano Land Trust and designated as part of the San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve in 2003, Rush Ranch’s 2,070 acres of marsh and grasslands provide recreational and educational opportunities for thousands of visitors each year and have provided important contributions to tidal marsh science. An 11.5 kW PV array and a 3 kW wind...
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AccESS Provides Safer, More Reliable Alternative to Generators in Puerto Rico

In the wake of Hurricane Maria, many homeowners in Puerto Rico have turned to grid-tied solar+storage systems to provide backup power to deal with continuing blackouts and the risk of future storm-related outages. When his household diesel generator caught on fire, one homeowner in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico turned to Reborn Energy for safer, more reliable and long term energy security in the case of power authority problems as well as hurricanes and other natural disasters. Reborn installed SimpliPhi’s turn-key AccESS...
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Supplying Power and Water to Steel Container Home and Orchard

An Arizona man bought property near the town of Snowflake on which to build his retirement home. The property had no electrical service and no water service, so the landowner hired Willis Drilling to drill a water well and install a water pump, water distribution system and a solar+SimpliPhi storage microgrid to provide water and power for both a home built out of steel cargo containers and an orchard on the property. Willis Drilling engaged Richard Dean at Ameresco Solar...
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Chilean Homeowner Turns to SimpliPhi for Power Security

Grid reliability in Chile faces regular threats from earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, fires and even snow storms. To protect themselves from these grid failures while also reducing utility bills, many home and business owners turn to grid-tied solar systems. However, though Law 20,571 allows the sale of surplus generation back to the utility, the surplus is only valued at 60 percent of the purchase rate. For that reason, energy storage that allows home and business owners to store the...
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SimpliPhi Eliminates the Challenges of Building Microgrids in Remote Tropical Locations

For many global missionary organizations, much of their work is completed in parts of the world with no access to electricity. Missionaries find themselves working overseas in remote locations for long periods of time and in need of creative solutions for power, water and other systems that will meet their basic needs while they are in the field. In the East Sepik Region of Papua New Guinea, one missionary group installed a solar+SimpliPhi storage microgrid to power a 1250 sq...
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Whether you are seeking relief from high utility bills, desire battery backup power to protect your home when grid power is unavailable, or do not have access to the grid and need electricity, SimpliPhi has a full range of on- and off-grid, non-toxic and reliable energy storage solutions to power your home. When the well-being of your home and family are at stake, you shouldn’t have to choose between their safety and energy security and savings. SimpliPhi’s entire line of batteries uses a risk-free and environmentally benign lithium ion chemistry called LFP that does not pose any risk of fire or toxic fumes. Quite simply, SimpliPhi batteries are batteries that you can live with.

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