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SimpliPhi & Grassroots Solar Keep Homeowner Safe & Warm During Winter Power Outages

With winter temperatures often falling into the single digits and monthly snow falls totaling more than a foot, a homeowner in Pownal, VT wanted to be sure he was able to stay warm and have access to food, water and communication in his Vermont cabin whenever the power goes out. The homeowner engaged Grassroots Solar to build a reliable AC-coupled solar+storage system. The system includes 10 solar panels providing 3.45 kW of power, a 10x SunPower 320W built-in microinverter and...
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AccESS Provides Safer, More Reliable Alternative to Generators in Puerto Rico

In the wake of Hurricane Maria, many homeowners in Puerto Rico have turned to grid-tied solar+storage systems to provide backup power to deal with continuing blackouts and the risk of future storm-related outages. When his household diesel generator caught on fire, one homeowner in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico turned to Reborn Energy for safer, more reliable and long term energy security in the case of power authority problems as well as hurricanes and other natural disasters. Reborn installed SimpliPhi’s turn-key AccESS...
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Chilean Homeowner Turns to SimpliPhi for Power Security

Grid reliability in Chile faces regular threats from earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, fires and even snow storms. To protect themselves from these grid failures while also reducing utility bills, many home and business owners turn to grid-tied solar systems. However, though Law 20,571 allows the sale of surplus generation back to the utility, the surplus is only valued at 60 percent of the purchase rate. For that reason, energy storage that allows home and business owners to store the...
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First UK SimpliPhi Power Installation in Harry Potter Size Cupboard

Streamline Power Ltd. announces first UK residential installation of SimpliPhi Power energy storage in a small under-the-stairs Harry Potter sized cupboard.
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SimpliPhi Power Saves Hawaiian Super Bowl Party

12,000 people suffered multiple power outages during the Super Bowl due to high winds in Hawaii.
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Solar Smart Home by Lotus Energy with SimpliPhi Power Producing 23 Percent Above Estimates

Net-zero home resilient against grid outages with safe, efficient solar & storage system producing 23 percent above estimates.
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Residential – Consumer Installation

SIMPLIPHI POWER offers a portfolio of non-toxic, efficient, energy dense power storage and management solutions that seamlessly integrate renewable energy in conjunction with or independent of the grid. Without energy storage, renewable sources of power are intermittent and unpredictable, as is the grid in emergency and blackout scenarios in which the centralized delivery of power breaks down. SimpliPhi technology creates power security and resilience by taking the intermittency out of any source of power generation, including the centralized grid, fuel-based...
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Keep The Lights On When the Grid Goes Dark

With energy storage comes peace of mind and security during a blackout, as well as cost savings every other day of the year.

On Grid Home FAQs:

In many locations, utilities have:

  1. Reduced the rates they pay for solar power that is exported to the grid;
  2. Applied demand charges based on a home’s peak energy use during a given month; or
  3. Assigned time-of-use rates that adjust the cost of electricity throughout the day.

Homeowners who are on a time-of use-rate or an electric vehicle rate, can charge PHI batteries when energy is cheaper (for example at night) and discharge energy when energy is more expensive. By enabling homeowners to shift their use of grid electricity to less expensive times, SimpliPhi storage can significantly reduce utility bills.

With extreme weather events, wildfires and other threats to energy security becoming more frequent, SimpliPhi storage can provide peace of mind. With our modular and scalable design, SimpliPhi battery banks can be designed to power your entire home or just the appliances and communication devices you consider critical in the event of a power outage. When the grid is unavailable, you can still have all the power you need.

All over the world, generators are used as back up power for homes. But the truth is, during catastrophic events, propane or diesel is often in short supply and expensive. Combining PHI batteries with your generator can create fuel savings and extend your available reserves, as well as cut down on environmental and noise pollution. SimpliPhi's turn-key residential solutions such as the AccESS and PowerBank have a built-in automatic generator start (AGS) to optimize your generator's performance with grid and/or PHI battery power.

If your home PV system is connected to the grid, you will lose access to all your electrical generation during a power outage. Adding SimpliPhi storage to your solar array stores excess power for you to access during an emergency. Storing excess solar power can also provide a greater return on your renewable energy investment, particularly in regions where utilities have unfavorable rate structures, such as demand and time of use charges. PHI batteries also allow you to draw from your storage for power at night and during times of inclement weather. Combining solar plus storage allows you to generate and consume your own power on demand, rather than relying solely on the utility.

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