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Florida Homeowners Add Battery Backup to Prepare for the Next Storm

After installing their home solar system in 2015, Simon and Jody endured hurricane after hurricane, as their home is located in Miami, in Florida’s “Hurricane Alley.” Every time a hurricane hit, they once again found themselves without power. When Hurricane Irma hit, for example, Simon and Jody were among the 7.7 million Florida homes that lost power at some point. What many fail to realize is that utilities mandate that grid-tied solar installations be automatically shut down in the event of a power outage, since they pose the potential hazard of leaking power into grid lines. Because Simon and Jody had no energy storage system in place, they had no way to access their solar as a form of backup power - to keep their lives running - in the event of an outage.

“Living in ‘Hurricane Alley’ definitely factored heavily in our decision to install battery backup with our existing solar system,” Simon explains. They chose to retrofit their solar array with a fully integrated SimpliPhi AccESS energy storage system, which comes with three safe, 10,000 cycle or 10 year warrantied PHI 3.5 batteries, for a total of 10.5 kWh, together with a Schneier Conext XW+ 6848 NA inverter. “We chose the SimpliPhi AccESS because there’s no risk of thermal runaway, no conflict mining [for the battery’s earth minerals], and because the cabinet is NEMA 3R outdoor rated, allowing for full sun outdoor placement,” says Simon. All equipment was purchased from UMA Solar & installed by Cutler Bay Solar.

This robust energy storage system powers eight circuits consisting of the following: a mini-split air conditioner, a variable speed pool pump, a refrigerator, a driveway gate, master bedroom lights and outlets, master bathroom lights and outlets, kitchen lights, a washing machine, a television, and WiFi.

Given the increasingly common and severe storms, Simon and Jody now have peace of mind knowing they can fully deploy their solar + SimpliPhi AccESS energy storage system when the next hurricane hits. “We can now function normally, with all the comforts and conveniences of home, during a grid outage. We feel reassured that we will be able to weather a storm and continue to power our home with clean, renewable sunshine. And the wonderful bonus is that this power is coming from silent batteries, that are not emitting toxic air and noise,” explains Simon.

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