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First UK SimpliPhi Power Installation in Harry Potter Size Cupboard

Streamline Power Ltd. announces the first UK residential installation of SimpliPhi Power’s energy storage solution in a small under-the-stairs Harry Potter sized cupboard. SimpliPhi Power’s 6.88 kWh batteries were the only choice small and safe enough to place in a home without the risk of fire, toxic hazards, or taking up too much space. The PHI batteries have a 10 year Warranty and provide overnight and back-up power for the Winchester family when the sun sets or the grid fails.

The SimpliPhi Power PHI 3.4 kWh batteries, which are the safest and most robust Lithium Ion (LFP) battery available (based on US Government extreme stress testing of 31 different battery technologies) are charged from the home owners rooftop solar array. Streamline Power, based in Winchester is the UK/European distributor of SimpliPhi Power.

SimpliPhi Power, a privately-owned California company has been deploying energy storage systems (ESS) for 15 years. The founder initially created off-grid battery powered systems for remote applications in the film and television industry to replace large, toxic and often failing lead acid batteries, as well as to displace diesel ‘gen-sets’, effectively extending access to safe and reliable power beyond transmission lines and generators. SimpliPhi Power is internationally recognized as one of the preeminent battery manufacturers that offers the longest life-cycle, highest efficiency and shortest charge and discharge rates with a portfolio of top performing storage technologies. The complete line of PHI energy storage and management systems is now available in the UK and Europe.

Catherine Von Burg, CEO of SimpliPhi Power said, “We are working in partnership with Streamline Power to set up a SimpliPhi Power Dealer/Services network across the UK, Ireland and Europe for our residential and commercial ESS products. Streamline Power are part of Solar PV Partners, a company that has demonstrated its ability to roll out new battery technologies in residential and commercial applications for off-grid and grid connected customers in the UK and Europe. We are delighted that our batteries were chosen by the Winchester family over any other Lithium Ion battery, as they are efficient, non-toxic, safe and long lasting, making them an ideal home, school or commercial energy storage solution.”