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Chilean Homeowner Turns to SimpliPhi for Power Security

Grid reliability in Chile faces regular threats from earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, fires and even snow storms. To protect themselves from these grid failures while also reducing utility bills, many home and business owners turn to grid-tied solar systems. However, though Law 20,571 allows the sale of surplus generation back to the utility, the surplus is only valued at 60 percent of the purchase rate. For that reason, energy storage that allows home and business owners to store the surplus for their own use to ensure energy security is very appealing.

For a residential customer in Santiago, STC Sunbelt SpA installed a DC-coupled solar+SimpliPhi storage system that included 4.16 kW of solar, 6.8 kWh of PHI 3.4 batteries, a XTM 400-48 Studer inverter and a VS-70 Studer charge controller. Though the system is grid tied, the grid is only used for backup power.

The solar+SimpliPhi system was designed to provide enough electricity for a 380 sq. meter home with a swimming pool, air conditioner, electric oven, lights, television and computers that uses approximately 8,000 kWh annually.

The homeowner chose SimpliPhi batteries due to their compact design and long lifespan. SimpliPhi’s guaranteed 10,000 cycles paired with Studer equipment that is specially programmed to maximize SimpliPhi battery performance ensures a safe, secure supply of electricity for at least 20 years.