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AccESS Provides Safer, More Reliable Alternative to Generators in Puerto Rico

In the wake of Hurricane Maria, many homeowners in Puerto Rico have turned to grid-tied solar+storage systems to provide backup power to deal with continuing blackouts and the risk of future storm-related outages.
When his household diesel generator caught on fire, one homeowner in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico turned to Reborn Energy for safer, more reliable and long term energy security in the case of power authority problems as well as hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Reborn installed SimpliPhi’s turn-key AccESS energy storage system featuring 7 kWh of PHI batteries, a Schneider inverter and charge controller, together with 4.14 kW of solar panels. The DC-coupled, grid-tied system provides enough backup power for the whole house, including four window air conditioning units, a refrigerator, electric stove, garage door, gate motors, TV, laptops and other household appliances.

Though the primary goal of the AccESS installation was power security during storm season, the homeowner is also looking to achieve eventual independence from the power utility and to increase the value of his home.

The homeowner chose SimpliPhi’s AccESS over other energy storage systems because of its proven performance, reliability and safety. Having dealt with generator fires before, he was eager to implement a system that posed no risk of fire or toxicity. After the installation, he sent a text to his installer saying, “Thanks for helping me to simplify my life!” [Text translated from Spanish]